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Why would an ancient Pure One, such as yourself, create a being whose power is ten times that of their own?
~ the Wickedness to Tartarus
The Wickedness, also known as Luther Elias Shaw, is the final main villain of the Dark's Descent Series by Basil E. Bacorn. He first appears in the sixth book of the series, The Wickedness: Return of Luther Elias Shaw.


Born in the 1920's, Luther's soul was twisted and corrupted when he turned 28 by Tartarus. He had spent his pre-transformation years locked alone in his room with only books to entertain himself. His house-arrest was arranged by his estranged aunt, Theodosia Brown, who ordered he not be let out of his room after he tried leaving her care on his 18th birthday. He stayed locked away for ten years until he killed his aunt during his transformation into the Wickedness.

Upon becoming a being of pure Wickedness, Luther proved to be powerful when he nearly destroyed the King of Death, Tartarus, before leaving him to suffer alone. 

Years later, the Wickedness meets up with Tartarus yet again, who has teamed up with a Pure One of Light to stop him. In this encounter, the Wickedness is successfully contained in a small cylindrical prison using the combined power of both Light and Dark.  


As much as I’d hate to leave you here in your final moments, I better be on my way. I have a lot of work to do.
~ the Wickedness to Tartarus


  • Unnamed Mother (mother) †
  • Unnamed Father (father) †
  • Theodosia Brown (maternal aunt) †


  • Theodosia Brown †
  • Tartarus
  • Cassie Smith

Powers and Abilities

  • Intelligence - The Wickedness is known to be intelligent and a quick learner. Upon his creation, he immediately knew what happened, who did it, and how to destroy them.
  • Outmatched strength - The Wickedness is one of the only characters in the Dark's Descent Series who almost defeated the Darkest Soul, Tartarus. Others include: Cassie Smith, Charlie Myers, and Hades.In addition, he effortlessly tosses two immensely powerful beings into the sea whilst reclining in a beach chair.
  • Shape-shifting - Upon transformation, it is written that the Wickedness transforms from his human form of Luther Elias Shaw, to that of the green amorphous Wickedness.
  • Magical abilities - He possesses incredible transportation skills, as well as the ability to reach in another being and twist their insides to render them powerless. He also has super speed and the ability to withstand incredible pressures, as well as the rare and illegal ability to travel through time.


Originally, Luther Shaw was human. When he became the Wickedness, he transformed into a Pure One (of Wickedness).


  • As it has been said to be able to kill anything, it is assumed that the Silver Shadow is able to cause harm to the Wickedness.
  • Darkness and Light working together is powerful enough to at least contain him, as it is when Tartarus and Queen work together that they are able to trap the Wickedness inside of a small cylindrical prison.