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Villain Overview

The Witch is a supporting antagonist in the AvM Shorts, serving as the first antagonist of Season 3.

She's a witch, which first appeared as a doppelganger of the redeemed and heroic Second Coming. Using her potions, she can become whatever she wants with that thing's powers.


The Witch is extremely intelligent, making numerous potions with different abilities. It's also sadistic, laughing many times.


The Piglin War

She appears as the secondary antagonist.

After Blue enters a Nether Fortress and laments the lack of nether wart, the entire reason for re-visting the Nether, a nether wart suddenly falls next to him. After looking above, the Witch first shows up and waves at Blue, although posing as the Second Coming. Happy to see its "friend", Blue follows the Witch.

She is seen again moments before the video ends. When the real Second Coming, Green, Yellow, Red and its pig look for Blue in the fortress after seeing a drawing that belongs to it, the pig looks at the stairs. Blue and the Witch are right above them, looking at the Witch's own Nether portal. She urges Blue to enter the portal first, and it does so. The Witch looks around one final time before entering the portal.

The Witch

She appears as the titular main antagonist.

Blue and the Witch appear in a forest after going through the portal. Blue asks where is nether wart, but the Witch pulls out a potion, drinks it, and appears as something that is never shown on-screen, presumably Blue. Blue reacts in shock and then is hit with a potion while the Witch laughs.

The Stick Gang and their pig enter through the portal and find "Blue". They all hug each other and "Blue" reveals that it has the nether wart it was searching for. Everyone is happy and goes back to the portal, except Red and "Blue". Green is concerned about what's taking them so long and orders Yellow to go inside. It sees "Blue" in a somewhat-malicious pose while Red is nowhere to be seen. "Blue" tells it to go closer and pulls out a potion. The same thing happens with Green, and the Second Coming and the Pig go into the portal.

"Blue" has its arms behind its back and sarcastically waves at the Second Coming. The orange stick figure instantly realises what's going on and fights it while "Blue" throws potions at it. The Second Coming comes out victorious and prepares to kill the fellow stick figure, but it now reveals itself to be the Witch, who sadistically laughs. She drinks a potion to become invisible and escapes.

A few minutes later, the Second Coming and the Pig walk through the forest, alongside Yellow and Red, who've been turned into a llama and fish respectively. They encounter a Zombie, but it's revealed to be Green. But in the middle of the adventure, the Zombie pulls out swords and reveals itself to be the Witch. The three stick figures (despite two being llama and fish). Her foot suddenly gets trapped in a fishing rod, but before being hanged upside-down, she grabs the Pig and threatens to kill it, but instead uses a potion to get sucked into a black hole, but not before laughing. The team then realises that Green's been turned into sugar cane and continue their adventure, with Green knowing where the Witch lives.

Meanwhile, it's revealed that the Witch turned Blue into a piston and uses it to store nether wart into a chest, taunting it about the reason for the whole adventure, and that it imprisoned the Pig. The Stick Gang, meanwhile, finds the Witch's house and hears that the Pig was imprisoned. The animal-loving Red attacks the Witch in a fit of rage, but the mob punches it and transforms it into cobblestone. Yellow (still a llama) throws TNT at her, but she avoids it. She duels with Green the Sugar Cane and Yellow joins the battle, but they decide to run away from the Witch. However, Yellow has thrown another TNT at the Witch's direction, which explodes right next to Blue the Piston. Blue then decides to get onto the roof and sees the Witch and the Second Coming fighting, while the mob laughs. Blue gets into the Witch's house, sees the Pig and opens a chest, but the Witch then enters the house. Blue jumps into the water while the Witch pulls out another potion and returns to the fight.

During the fight, the Witch turns the stick figures into a pumpkin, watermelon and hay. She prepares to kill Green the Watermelon but it suddenly turns into Green the Stick Figure. It's revealed that Blue successfully made its own potions and turns its friends into their real forms, including itself. They all prepare to fight, but before that, the Witch throws a potion into a bunch of items in her house, giving them life. They give her a bunch of potions and they all fight, with the Stick Gang spawning into random things, until Yellow turns into a witch right next to the real Witch. Red, the Second Coming, Blue and Green wonder which one is the real deal before Red runs into her house. The Witch throws another potion to teleport herself into her house, fighting Red until the rest of the gang joins in, with them all fighting while turning into mobs (the Witch turns into a spider, wolf, blaze and then herself). Blue suddenly runs out of potions, and the Witch laughs before turning it into blue dye. She does the same to the other stick figures, each with their respective colour. The Witch prepares to burn them all, but suddenly, the Pig back in the house drinks all the potions and gains superpowers, like another pig from the same series.

The Pig suddenly throws itself at the Witch with its super-speed and strength. It dodges all of the Witch's potions and beats it up, and suddenly grabs one of the Witch's many potions and transforms into purple dye. The Pig's eye flashes before punching the Witch into the distance, making a star in the air. The Stick Gang is turned into their regular stick figure versions and encounter Purple, an old friend who suggests entering another Nether portal while being very excited.


  • Before being revealed to be a Witch, it was suggested that the Doppelganger of the Second Coming was Herobrine, the Dark Lord or some else entirely.
  • It's unknown how she learned about the Stick Gang.
  • Her using Blue as a piston and making it enter the Nether portal could be treated as slavery and kidnapping.
  • It's unknown if she's connected to Orange or not.


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