The Witch

Witch (BG)

The Witch getting ready to sing her spoof edition of the Bubble Guppies Song: "it's Time for Lunch" as "It's Time for Launch".

Bubble, Bubble, Here Comes Trouble
~ as the Witch Turns Bubble Puppy into a frog.

The Witch is the main antagonist in Bubble Puppy's fin-tastic fairytale adventure. She has a song called She's mean. She turns Bubble Puppy into a frog and wants to turn everyone into frogs with her Mean green bubble potion. She is turned into a frog by Bubble Puppy at the end. Her last words were "Bubble, Bubble I'm in trouble.

She was voiced by Wanda Sykes.


She is first seen in Bubble Puppy’s fin-tactic fairytale adventure. She uses bubbles to turn everyone into frogs including Bubble Puppy. She lives inside of her lair where she has a plan of launching a spaceship with bubbles into space and turn everyone into frogs. The Bubble Guppies go and stop the Witch from turning everyone into frogs, She does her version of its time for lunch called Its time for launch which is a parody of the song, she succeeded into turning people into frogs with her green potion. however Molly and Gil got on the spaceship to stop her and Bubble Puppy took her potion and she tried to get her potion back from Bubble Puppy and she says her last words before she went right out of the ship.


She is a wicked, and evil witch who wanted to turn everyone into frogs by using her green potion.


She is a Witch with green skin, a black hat, a black shirt, and has Orange hair similar to Deema’s


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