The Witch's portrait in the game.

The Witch is a minor villainess from the adventure videogame King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. She is an evil witch that lives in a dark forest.


The player learns that The Witch lusted at Prince Herbert and was responsible for turning Princess Alicia into a tree, turning her heart to gold and taking it, and then banishes Herbert to a distant land, however Herbert manages to return to Serenia.

If Graham is not wearing the magic amulet, the Witch will turn him into a toad. When Graham is wearing the amulet, the Witch's magic will stop when it touches him.

Graham defeats the Witch by giving her the brass bottle that he got from the desert temple. When the Witch opened the brass bottle, the genie that had been inside the bottle for many years, traps the Witch into the bottle.

Unlike the other witches of the previous games, this witch is not mentioned by name and is not killed but rather trapped in a brass bottle, perhaps forever.


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