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Y'all better kill ya lights.
~ Ellis as the Witch lurks in the dark.
~ Zoey running away from the Witch.

The Witch is a special-type of The Infected found in the video-games Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. She is the secondary antagonist of both games because she is the second most dangerous, after the Tank. Despite being able to kill a Survivor faster than the Tank, she will not attack initially whereas the Tank will attack a Survivor on sight, making the Tank a more serious threat. She is also the only non-playable Special Infected in Versus mode.

She is voiced by American opera singer Ellen McLain, who also voices GLaDOS.


The Witch is passive towards non-infected humans, however she is easily startled. Shining a flashlight, standing too close, touching, or hurting the witch will cause her to become "startled" where she will target the offender.

During the day, she is seen wandering around aimlessly, crying and covering her face. During the night, she is seen sitting in a single spot, hunched over and sobbing. It is believed that the sunlight effects the Witch's sight and behavior, causing her to try to escape the light.

The Witch will only target the one responsible for "startling" her. She runs faster then the survivors, unless she has been set on fire, or the survivor in question takes an Adrenaline Shot. If she manages to slash a survivor, it will either incapacitate them (Easy, Normal or Hard) and attempt to finish them, or kill them outright (Expert or Realism mode, any difficulty except easy). On occasion, the witch may flee after being startled, or re-target another survivor (if she has been set on fire or having been splattered with boomer bile after being startled by someone else).

After killing a victim, The Witch will run away in terror from the person she just killed, suggesting she is remorseful for her actions but unable to stop the instinctual need to attack those who provoke her.

An effective way to defeat The Witch is to "crown" her. This refers to getting close enough to The Witch that shotgun blasts do a lot of damage, and then shooting The Witch in the back of the head or neck. (Note: To more easily "crown" it is HIGHLY reccomended that you use either the Auto-Shotgun, or the Combat Shotgun, as the Pump and Chrome Shotgun's fire rates are far lower, giving The Witch enough time to become fully agitated.)