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My servants never die!
~ Mercy upon resurrecting a dead teammate while wearing the Witch skin.

The Witch of the Wilds is a fictional witch that appears in The Junkenstein Revenge, a story told by Reinhardt in Overwatch.

She was one of the bosses in the time-limited event "Junkenstein Event" that would resurrect Junkenstein and his monster during the final round. Her appearance is available as a Legendary skin for Mercy and is exclusive to Halloween Lootboxes.


The Witch of the Wilds is a folk character appearing in fairy tales. She is described as a malicious sorceress that offers her victims what they want the most for a high price (such as their soul). Many say that where she goes, The Reaper and The Summoner accompany her.

In Dr. Junkenstein's tale, she is an admirer of his work and mind. As he failed at giving life to his monster, the Witch and her servant appeared. Her goal in the story is unknown. She asks the doctor a guaranteed favor in return of the Shard of Life, a magic crystal. As we expect, Jamison accepts the deal and gives life to his creature, which escaped and went on a rampage spree across the town of Adlersbrunn. The Witch watched the chaos with her partners in crime, before disappearing.


  • The character may have been inspired by the fairytales character Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon a Time).
  • "The Witch" is the name of a Legendary Skin for the character Mercy. It changes her Caduceus staff into a broomstick and adds arcanic light effects to her healing and damage boosts.
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