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The Woman With Hair But No Beard is the accomplice to The Man With a Beard But No Hair and one of the overarching antagonists of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

She was portrayed by Beth Grant who also played Sheriff Eloise Lund from Willy's Wonderland.


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Like her accomplice, she is very intimidating, although friendly to Olaf. The brutal nature of her and her accomplice makes Olaf rather intimidated by them, the same effect is on his minions as well. She and The Man were the two who began the violent fire on the VFD headquarters as well.

In her first appearance, she makes a bold entrance alongside her accomplice and the two present Olaf with the Snicket file and show admiration for his succession in burning down the Caligari Carnival. Her role also consists of joining Count Olaf's Theatre Troupe and assisting him in his further attacks and actions before disappearing for the next few books.

During the course of the next few novels she and The Man send Olaf various slaves and henchmen of whom they've kidnapped and thrown down to Olaf's newly created submarine.

Following these events she and her accomplice place the Baudelaire children on trial and are revealed as traitorous rouges who manipulated Justice Strauss into exposing the location of the Baudelaire orphans granting Olaf and his cronies access to discovering them. She and The Man wind up announcing the Baudelaire arrest however soon after Olaf stars The Hotel Denouement fire allowing he and the orphans to flee trapping his entire remaining troupe inside.

Following the Hotel's fire, it is unknown if The Woman has escaped or not.


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