The people we don't want are leaving! FORCE THEM TO STAY!
~ The Elder ordering her men to capture Lionel, Susan and Adelina.

The Yeti Elder is a supporting antagonist of Laika's 5th full-length animated feature film The Missing Link. She is the paranoid leader of the Yetis who will do anything to keep her race's existence a secret.

She was voiced by Emma Thompson, who also played Sarafine Duchannes in The Caster Chronicles, Lesa in Hoodwinked!, and The Woman in Lutins.


The Yeti Elder is shown to be a paranoid and distrustful leader, as she strives to keep the Yetis' existence hidden from sight and dislikes mankind. She is also willing to imprison any trespassers who knew about it until they die, even if its someone like Link/Susan (who is seemingly related to the Yetis).


The Elder meets Sir Lionel, Link/Susan and Adelina upon the trio's arrival at the Himalayas in the Yeti Temple. She reveals her secluded valley to them, and also revealed her race's disdain for mankind; said disdain happened to extend to Susan as well due to his interaction with humans despite being related. The Yeti Elder then had the group thrown and imprisoned in a pit for them to remain in the temple, although they soon managed to escape. She was not seen again until after the fight between Lionel and the bounty hunter Willard Stenk when the trio prepared to leave before Susan blows a raspberry at her.

With Lionel, Adelina and Link escape her gasp, her effort to keep the secret of the Yetis eventually in vain as Lionel will tell other people the location of the Yeti Kingdom and the existence of the Yetis, which would cause more human to try to come and discover the Yeti Kingdom in the future and there is nothing she can do to stop it.


We call it... [lets out a snarl] (Sir Lionel Frost: What does that mean?) "Keep out, we hate you".
~ The Elder to Sir Lionel Frost
Man, killer of hope, of life, of dreams. Man talks of the magic of the world, but it is a prize, something to be claimed as proof of his worth.
~ The Yeti Elder



  • The Yeti Elder only has around 8 minutes of screen-time.
  • The Yeti Elder is the second Laika role to be played by the cast member of the Harry Potter franchise (of which Dame Emma Thompson played Sybill Trelawney), after the Moon King (which was portrayed by Ralph Fiennes, who also played Voldemort).


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