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It's the twenty-minute solos, its the stage dives. We are trying to write a record, Dewey here man, and you're an embarrasment!
~ Theo fires Dewey

Theo, played by Adam Pascal, is the main antagonist in School of Rock. He was Dewey's backup singer until he fired him and took charge of the band, dumping Dewey and calling him a loser. Theo became the manager of No Vacancy and hired Spider to replace Dewey.

Theo forgot No Vacancy was Dewey's band, he had created it, and then Dewey reminded him and the others - Doug, Neil and Spider - and told them that he'd get revenge. But the plan went pear-shaped, at first Dewey had made a song about getting revenge and revealing No Vacancy as hacks, but then when he saw how good the kids were at music at his school he decided to use one of their songs instead in the gig as his band's.

In the film Theo is seen with his band laughing in the street at Dewey's promotional posters and calling him a loser and stupid. Theo is also very greedy only caring about the $20,000 he will get for the gig above personal friendship.

Ironically, Theo wins Battle of the Bands with his mates, and gets the money. But, when the crowd call for School of Rock to have encore, he leaves the stage with his prize. Can be assumed he got more successful with his money.

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