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Snowflake hungry.
~ Theodore upon capturing Chuck Green/Frank West

Theodore "Ted" Smith is one of the villains in the video game; Dead Rising 2.

Dead Rising 2

Before the zombie outbreak in Fortune City, he worked as a tiger trainer at the Yucatan Casino. He has an unspecified mental disability, leading to generally antisocial behavior and impaired speech.

After the zombie outbreak, Ted devotes himself to feeding "fresh meat" to Snowflake, one of the Yucatan's Bengal tigers. Mocked his whole life because of his weight and low intelligence, he considers the tigers he trains to be his only friends, and becomes extremely angry if he believes someone is making fun of him.

As Chuck enters the Yucatan Casino he will spot a survivor named Lenny Mooney, however the man quickly takes off while Ted brands Chuck as "fresh meat" and knocks him unconscious. He will then drag Chuck to Snowflake. Chuck tells him that he will find fresh meat for Snowflake and tries to calm him down. He tells him to take it "Nice and slow", which Ted interprets as being called "slow". He then gets angry and tells Snowflake to attack, prompting a fight.

After he is defeated, he will crawl to a statue and then calls out to Snowflake to eat him, then succumbs to his wounds.


  • Ted is arguably the most sympathetic psychopath in Dead Rising 2, as he mental disability led to him being mocked his entire life. And while he WAS killing people, he was only doing so for Snowflake's survival.


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