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Oh yes. There was Thistleclaw. He was a fine warrior, strong and brave. But his answer to every problem was a fight. Should I have watched him be made deputy, and then leader, and let him force the Clan into unnecessary wars? He died as he lived, Fireheart, a few seasons before you came to join us, attacking a RiverClan patrol on the border. Wild and arrogant to the last. I couldn't stand by and let him destroy my Clan.
~ Bluestar to Fireheart about Thistleclaw.

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Thistleclaw is a villain in Erin Hunter's Warriors book series. He is a large, gray and white tabby tom cat with amber eyes and spiky fur, hence his name. He is the main antagonist of the super edition "Bluestar's Prophercy and novella "Spottedleaf's Heart". He is one of the secondary antagonists of the story arc "Omen of the Stars".


Born in ThunderClan, to Poppydawn and Windflight, along with his siblings Sweetkit and Rosekit, Thistlekit displayed unusual ambition since he was born. He was enraged about fellow kittens Bluepaw and Snowpaw being made apprentices before him, even though he was younger than them and not old enough to be an apprentice. He and Bluefur never quite got along, because of Thistleclaw's arrogance and hot-headedness, which often clashed with Bluefur's more reserved demeanour. Their rift caused Bluefur's relationship with her sister to be damaged when she fell in love with Thistleclaw and took him as a mate, siring a son with him. That son would eventually become Whitestorm, one of the Clan's wisest and most loyal warriors.

At first, Thistleclaw seemed only arrogant and not interested in the long run of things, but later on, it was shown that he was paranoid and bloodthirsty, and wanted to keep other Clans out of ThunderClan territory by "marking the borders with blood". A prime example of Thistleclaw's violent nature was shown when he ordered his apprentice, Tigerpaw, to attack a defenceless kittypet kitten named Tiny (later Scourge) when he just walked onto the borders of ThunderClan. The brutal training Tigerpaw received under Thistleclaw hardened him into a ruthless warrior determined to win at any cost, and would later come very close to destroying the Clans completely with his ruthless ambitions.

Goosefeather, when he was described as insane, had a vision with Bluefur, and saw Thistleclaw's pelt dripping in blood, symbolizing the trail of death that he would leave if he ever ascended to leader. Goosefeather said that he could lead ThunderClan down a path of blood if he became a leader instead of Bluefur.

When Thistleclaw died, he was found with claws unsheathed, lips in a snarl, and lying in a pool of his own blood, just as Bluestar and Goosefeather saw in their shared vision.

Because of his cruelty, Thistleclaw's spirit was denied entry to StarClan and instead sent to the Dark Forest.


Spottedleaf- Thistleclaw charms Spottedpaw with gifts and compliments. He persuades her to be his mate when she becomes a warrior, and Spottedpaw longs to be with him even though she shows promise as a medicine cat. Thistleclaw invites Spottedpaw to meet in secret in a 'special place', which turns out to be the Dark Forest. Spottedpaw is greatly shocked and disgusted, but Thistleclaw convinces her that he’s just training to be a better warrior. However, after Spottedpaw sees Thistleclaw kill a cat in the Dark Forest, she becomes a medicine cat to get away from him, ending their relationship


  • He is called Thistleclaw because of his spiky fur.
  • Thistleclaw is one of the main reasons for Tigerstar's dark ambitions and actions, because of the brutal training the latter received when he was Thistleclaw's apprentice.
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