Thod's disciples

Thod's Disciples are supporting antagonists in North and South, the fifth comic book trilogy taking place between Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

They were a pair of Southern Water Tribe citizens who served Gilak in his attempted takeover of the Water Tribe. At some point, Gilak's second-in-command, Thod, instructed them in the art of chi-blocking and assisted him in any tasks he was assigned.

They first appeared as servers in a local restaurant where Team Avatar was dining with Malina and Maliq, two Northern Water Tribe citizens who allied with Hakoda (Katara's father and the Southern Water Tribe's official Chieftain) to rebuild the Southern Water Tribe. Thod's disciples were assigned (and successfully managed) to steal Maliq's briefcase, attacking him and his sister in the process. They were followed to Gilak's hideout by Katara and Sokka.

They both later appeared at a ceremony, chi-blocking Malina and keeping everyone else in like as Gilak exposed the Northerner's true plans to drill for oil in the South. After a battle broke out, Thod and his disciples chi-blocked Katara but were captured, along with Gilak, and imprisoned. However, one Southern officer, Lirin, believing Gilak's cause to be just, gave him the key to his cell and freed Thod and his disciples, along with his other supporters. Thod and his disciples kidnapped Earth King Kuei and held him hostage, offering to trade him for Hakoda.

Thod and his disciples chi-blocked Team Avatar to keep them incapacitated during the transfer, but realized too late they were deceived and that they had been wearing armor underneath their clothes to prevent chi-blocking. Thod and his disciples were both swiftly and effortlessly defeated after that. With Gilak's death and his faction wiped out, the disciples were imprisoned alongside their master.


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