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Thomas Burke is one of three tritagonists in the 2016 video game Mafia III.


Burke and his family emigrated to New Bordeaux during his childhood, allegedly because of his father's involvement in Irish Civil War. After his father's death, Burke start running booze to make money, and eventually his bootlegging operation brought under the purview of Sal Marcano, who recruited him as an associate.

Burke used to be running the business in Pointe Verdun, until Marcano sent Roman Barbieri to cripple him and take his place. In order to regain what he once had, Burke join forces with Lincoln Clay, Vito Scaletta and Cassandra as one of his underbosses. Knowing Marcano's intention to rob the Federal Reserve, Burke enlisted himself as a planner, and arranged his son Danny to be one of the heisters (Lincoln, Ellis and Giorgi), in the hope of success, his relationship with Marcano would be fixed.

However, as his son was murdered by Giorgi, Burke went to pub and keep drinking to resolve his loss, the drunk Burke went to Barbieri's place and tried to kill him, only to get beaten by his men and thrown to a dumpster.

After Lincoln's "resurrection", Burke was met by him, who offers the chance to join his crusade against Marcano. Burke first refuses, but reconsiders when Lincoln start driving his car recklessly.

Now the boss of the Irish Mob in New Bordeaux, Lincoln drives Burke back to his salvage yard, where he finds out about The Butcher's rackets. After Lincoln seizes control of both rackets, Burke calls Barbieri directly, warning the man that he'll be waiting for him at the salvage yard. Lincoln, together with Burke and his daughter Nicki, thwart an attack on the salvage yard by the Butcher's men.

After taking out his men, Lincoln and Burke approach the wounded Barbieri, who had arrived at the salvage yard to deal with Burke himself, and knock him out with his rifle. An unconscious Barbieri is then dragged into the workshop, where either Lincoln or Burke viciously beat him to death before dumping his body in the Mississippi River. Following this, Burke becomes one of Lincoln's lieutenants.



If Lincoln didn't share a single turf for Burke, he would eventually flip out and leave the meeting; also vowing to kill him.

After Lincoln fights his way through Burke's men, he confronts him inside his garage and fatally wounds him. While sitting down in a wrecked car, Burke tells Lincoln that he is "a hell of a shot" for getting past his men, with Lincoln telling him that their association did not have to end the way it did. Burke tells him he knows what he is, looking in the mirror to change himself, even though he will always be "the same worthless piece of shit gazin' back" at him every time. Lincoln then asks Burke what to say to Nicki, to which Burke replies with "the truth" while asking to keep an eye on Nicki and protect her, to which Lincoln promises, as Burke slowly dies from his wounds.


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