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Consul Han, six blocks of C4 are wired to your daughter in a car outside. You know, before the change-over, most of this exhibition was in the hands of a single private collector....... me. I worked most of my life to acquire and catalog these priceless pieces that you see before you. And then in one fell swoop, it was taken away from me. Tonight...... I shall be paid in full.
~ Griffin revealing his true nature

Thomas Griffin, also known as Juntao, was the main antagonist in the 1998 film Rush Hour.

He was portrayed by Tom Wilkinson.


Griffin was a police commander who was secretly the infamous crime lord known as Juntao. Griffin had the daughter of his associate, Consul Solon Han, named Soo Yung, kidnapped by his henchman, Sang so that he could hold her for ransom, while he pretended to help Han find her as he awaited the ransom money. Chief Inspector Lee and his partner Detective James Carter were assigned the task of locating and rescuing Soo Yung, as well as discovering the identities of her attackers.

Griffin appeared at the Los Angeles Convention Center where an art exhibition took place, and he was seen making a speech with Consul Han at his side. Lee and Carter arrived, Griffin's cover was soon blown, and he revealed that Soo Yung was held hostage in a van outside with a bomb vest attached to her. Carter went to rescue Soo Yung and dared Griffin to detonate the bomb vest in front of him and Sang (who was also present). Griffin escaped into the rafters and Lee gave chase, after he successfully removed the bomb vest from Soo Yung, while Carter dealt with Griffin's henchmen and finally killed Sang. Griffin attacked Lee with his suitcase full of ransom money, but accidentally toppled over the edge, and was left hanging onto Lee's bomb vest. As Griffin struggled to keep his grip, the bomb vest tore under his weight and sent him plunging to his death into a fountain below.


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