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Thomas Humphrey, also known as Humps, is a major antagonist in the show Orange is the New Black. He is a sadistic prison guard who enjoys torturing the inmates.

He was portrayed by Michael Torpey.


Season 4

Humps was recruited with several other veterans to replace the guards that quit. While he seemed mild-mannered at first, it is revealed that he is a sadist who enjoys torturing the inmates. He became aware that Maritza was smuggling underwear out of the prison, and threatened her. He later took her into the guard house and forced her to choose between eating dead flies or a baby mouse.

Stratman revealed that he put a cockroach into a blender. He locked Helen in a closet and wouldn't let her out until she told him whether she'd rather eat her mother or father.

After several inmates were being held for questioning for the murder of a CO, he pushed Sankey while she was sleeping. Everyone laughed at her, and Sankey got angry at Suzanne. Humps goaded her to fight Suzanne, but she refused. Kukutio agreed to fight Suzanne, and Humps bet twenty dollars on the fight. He watched as Suzanne got upset and viciously beat Kukutio, and refused to break up the fight (Kukutio died from her wounds later on).

After the fight, Caputo wanted to suspend Humps, but Piscatella stopped him. After Poussey was killed, Humps smuggled a gun into the prison. When a riot broke out, he took out his gun but Maritza disarmed him, and Dayanara got the gun.

Season 5

Humps tried to talk Daya down in Spanish, so she shot him in the leg. Gloria tried to save Humps to Dayya wouldn't be a murderer. She took him to Sofia who stabilized him, and then brought him to medical. There, he talked to Suzanne and Kukutio about his favorite methods of torture. TO get revenge, Kukutio blew air bubbles in his IV, which caused him to get a stroke. He died shortly afterwards.


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