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Don't you talk t'me like That, Howlett! I seen the way y'act around us...You think ye're Better than us! Ya can't do this to me! I'll have your bloody Hide!
~ Thomas threatening John Howlett Sr. as he's fired.
When you first sent me down here, all I could think about was revenge. All that kept me going was the hope I'd see ya again, and get my chance to pay ya back. But then over the years, I started to see the evidence of the man you'd become. I heard the stories from all them poor saps you sent down here. And by god, James, there sure been a lotta stories. I realized I couldn't be mad at ya, not for what you done to me. It was my fault, for not seeing you for what you are. You're a Logan. Through and through. There's generations of Logans down here, and every one of em' walked that same path, but none of 'em ever walked it the way you did, son. All of this, I made happen, James. Just so we could have this moment. Just so I could finally tell ya, face to face...I'm Proud of ya, son. I truly am.
~ Thomas to Wolverine on how proud his son's life turned out.

Thomas Logan is an antagonist and later a posthumous antagonist from Marvel Comics. He is the biological father and first enemy of Wolverine, the mutant superhero and adventurer. He is the original source and cause of tragedy that would lead his son and remaining bloodline to a life of forgotten memories, constant manipulation from others, vicious conflicts and bloodshed, and animalistic wanderings. He is also the father of Dog Logan, Wolverine's older half-brother and the grandfather of Daken, a former enemy of his son and X-23.

He was created by Paul Jenkins, Andy Kubert, Joe Quesada, and Bill Jemas and first appeared in Wolverine: The Origin in November of 2001.


Born in Alberta, Canada in the 19th century amongst two brothers, Thomas' parents died very early in his life with his father being hanged after stealing two chickens and his mother getting stabbed to death in a possible act of prostitution/negotiation gone wrong. At some point in his life, Thomas would take up a relationship with an unnamed woman and sired his oldest son Dog whom he abused in his many alcoholic rages. He would later come into the employment of the Howlett family as their groundskeeper. At somepoint through the unusual charm of any Logan, Thomas would have an affair with his employer's wife, Elizabeth Howlett which resulted in conception of James Howlett, the boy who would go on to become the mutant adventurer and hero Wolverine. Most likely on her part Elizabeth ended the affair which left Thomas bitter towards the family and especially her husband, John Howlett Sr. whom he considered too "soft" for her. Years passed as Thomas continued as the Howlett’s' groundskeeper, but things eventually fall apart as Dog's unwanted advances, due to Thomas influences, towards his crush Rose resulted in the young boy killing James's pet dog as retaliation after Thomas punished him with a beating. This led to the Logan getting fired and expulsed from the estate.

Thomas bleeding to death after getting stabbed by James.

Afterwards in a drunken stupor, Thomas armed with a shotgun and a frighten Dog in tow broke into the Howlett estate with Thomas killing one of the employs and taking Rose as a hostage. Forcing the young girl to take them to Elizabeth's room, he attempted to take her with him, along with the Howlett's money and valuables but is interrupted by John who tries to stop him but is beaten by Thomas who berates him for his softness. Thomas later kills him with a shotgun blast to the face. In that moment James attacked the intruders with uncharacteristic ferocity, killing Thomas as the youth drove his newly manifested bone claws into his chest.

Reunion in Hell

James...I've waited a long time for this moment. Ever since, well, ever since you gutted me with them claws a' yours.
~ Thomas upon reuniting and meeting his son in hell.

Thomas meets his son, Wolverine in hell centuries after being killed by him.

A century after his death, Thomas would meet his son as an adult after he was sent to a version of Hell by The Red Right Hand, a criminal organization dedicated to inflicting endless suffering on the immortal mutant’s life.


A few notable members of those that Thomas Logan has killed or is responsible for their deaths and suffering.




  • Thomas was the first person that Wolverine killed.
  • According to his son Dog, Logan had two brothers. This may indicate that the Logan bloodline has continued well on to the modern day aside from his son Wolverine and grandchildren.


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