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Thomas Richards is a character from the Walking Dead comic books series. He is one of the four criminals who were in the prison Rick Grimes and his group arrived in. During the time that the group spent in the prison, Thomas murdered Susie and Rachel Greene by decapitating them. When he was discovered to be the killer, he was locked up in a cell, but was released by Patricia - as she was against the group's idea of executing him even though she was aware of his evil nature. He then attacked and attempted to kill Patricia, but was shot and mortally wounded by Maggie Greene. His body was then thrown into hoards of zombies, who tear the body apart. Thomas served as the main antagonist of Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars.

The TV series

In the TV series, Thomas' counterpart's name is changed to Tomas and is a lot different in the show than in the comics. He is the leader of the five convicts in the prison who develops a hatred of Rick once he planned to take over the prison for his group.

During a fight with the walkers, Big Tiny is deeply scratched by a walker - prompting Tomas to kill him. Rick soon plans to confront Tomas as he gradually becomes aware that Daryl is his next target. unaware that he has overheard his conversation with Daryl over it.

During another run-in with the walkers, Rick encounters Tomas when he attempts to kill him. An argumentative confrontation ensues with Tomas telling Rick that the walkers were all over him and Rick says he knows and that "s**t happens".

Shortly afterwards, Rick slams his machete through Tomas' head - killing him. Tomas served as the main antagonist of the episode "Sick".


  • Robert Kirkman revealed Thomas was originally planned to stab the pregnant Lori Grimes right in the stomach, killing the baby, but was scrapped, probably because it was too horrid for the series' already gritty themes.
  • Thomas is referenced in the The Walking Dead Video Game by the unnamed Police Officer.
  • Thomas is the only known survivor to be directly killed by Maggie Greene.
  • The character is less evil in the TV series despite his vicious nature, whereas his comic counterpart is an outright monster who develops a much more ruthless and sadistic personality than the former.


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