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Come back here, you slut! It's time to get your medicine, you f-cking whore!
~ Thomas Richards to Andrea, while trying to kill her.

Thomas Richards is the main antagonist of "Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars" in the comic series The Walking Dead and also a mentioned villain in Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season One. He is a prisoner that imprisoned in Meriwether Country Correctional Facility.



Before the zombie outbreak, Thomas Richards committed crime and imprisoned. He claims his crime was tax fraud, however, most probably, it is a lie. Because, as stated by the police officer in the video game, he gets caught red-handed for the murder of his wife. After he gets caught, he was arrested and driven to Meriwether Country Correctional Facility. On the drive down, he kicked and twisted in his seat and cries for his mama and claims he is not a murderer. The officer speculated that Thomas had fooled himself into believing that he didn't actually kill anyone.


After the prison is cleared from the zombies, Rick and his group encountered Axel, Dexter, Andrew and Thomas in the prison cafeteria. Thomas asks Rick about the situation of the outside. After Rick explained, he asks if they are prison guards. Lori notices that they're inmates and asks their crimes. Dexter claims that his crime was tax fraud, but it is not his fault.

Some time later, he encounters Patricia and asks her name, later asks her about Otis, her boyfriend. Patricia states that Otis was her ex-boyfriend, later asks him for his name.

After Maggie and Glenn discovers a little barber-shop, they cut their hair and they show their hairs to the others. Maggie's sisters, Rachel and Susie, asks where the barber-shop is. After they learn, they go to the barber-shop. Some time later, Hershel calls for them, but he don't get respond. Hershel finds and opens the barber-shop's door and finds his daughters' decapitated bodies and starts to cry. After the group learn their death, they thought their killer was Dexter, because of that, they locked up Dexter and Andrew.

Later, Thomas goes near Andrea and asks for what she is doing. Andrea states she is washing the laundries and asks for help. Thomas refuses it and Andrea asks about why he comes then. Later, Thomas shows his knife and attempts to cut Andrea's head off -but instead only managed to slice Andrea's face and earlobe-. Later, Andrea gets her gun and tries to shoot Andrew's head. But, Thomas drops Andrea down and takes his gun and throws. Later, Andrea dodges him and gets up and escapes and calls for help while Thomas chases her. Rick notices them and instantly starts to run, disarms Thomas and brutally beats him. The group discuss about Thomas' fate, Lori sides to lock him up, Rick sides to kill him. Later, Rick asks for help to get Thomas up and hang him.

They lock Thomas in a cell while they gather the materials to hang Thomas. However, Patricia helps and gets him out of here, because, according to her, he is just crazy, not evil. But, Thomas instantly starts to strangle her. Patricia scratches and dodges him and asks about why he acts like that, while Thomas saying 'whore' to her. Later, Tyreese aims his gun to him and ordering him to stop. But, Maggie approaches and instantly shoots him repeatedly.

Later, Thomas' corpse is thrown to the zombie hordes outside of the prison, where it's ripped apart by the masses.


Thomas is a semi-bald man with a circle-frame glasses.


Thomas at first seemed to be a quiet person, however, he is a bloodthirsty psychopath who likes to killing the others. Also, he is describes as "nerdy" by Dexter, as he helped the women with their laundry and such. Thomas' logic also seemed to be hypocritical, as he berated Andrea's use of strong language but then proceeded to shout graphic profanities at her, both whilst trying to kill her. It is high possibly that Thomas is a misogynist, as his victims were always women.



  1. His wife: Possibly killed by Thomas before the apocalypse, as stated by the officer in the video game.
  2. Rachel Greene: Decapitated with knife.
  3. Susie Greene: Decapitated with knife.

Attempted to kill

  1. Andrea: Attempted decapitate with knife, but only managed to slice her face and earlobe.
  2. Patricia: Attempted strangle to death.


  • Robert Kirkman revealed Thomas was originally planned to stab the pregnant Lori Grimes right in the stomach, killing the baby, but was scrapped, probably because it was too horrid for the series' already gritty themes.
  • The character is less evil in the TV series despite his vicious nature, whereas his comic counterpart is an outright monster who develops a much more ruthless and sadistic personality than the former.


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