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You were warned, Esther. You know I always get what I want. Commence the procedure. Give her a dose she won't come back from.
~ Thomas Wayne before injecting Esther Cobblepot with a drug that drives her mad.
Tell Falcone… he's making a mistake…
~ Thomas Wayne's last words before he is shot and killed by Joe Chill.

Dr. Thomas Wayne is the posthumous overarching antagonist of Batman: The Telltale Series.

He was a Gotham based billionaire and the father of Bruce Wayne. When he and his wife Martha were murdered by Joe Chill, it inspired their son to pursue a life of crime-fighting. During the events of the series, it is revealed that he had ties to the Falcone Crime Family and the corrupt city Mayor Hamilton Hill.

Like his son, he was voiced by Troy Baker, who also voiced Joel Miller in The Last of Us series, Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Delsin Rowe in inFamous: Second Son, Erron Black and Shinnok in the Mortal Komabt series, Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman the Long Halloween Part 1, Magni in God of War, and many others.


Early life

Thomas Wayne was the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and at some point in his life he met and married Martha Wayne, and the two had a child they named Bruce.

Thomas Wayne, along with Mayor Hamilton Hill and Carmine Falcone, ran Gotham City. He used his name and status as CEO of Wayne Enterprises to control Gotham.

His family was close to the Cobblepot family with Bruce Wayne befriending Theodore and Esther's son, Oswald Cobblepot. Thomas Wayne and Mayor Hill approached Esther and tried to make a deal with her to buy the land the Cobblepot family owned, to which Esther refused. Wayne and Hill then had Esther committed to Arkham Asylum and gave her a drug that put her in a psychotic state so they can gain the Cobblepot family's land.

During his time working with Falcone and Hill, Thomas began using Arkham Asylum, Gotham's local mental hospital, to convict people and take control of their land. Thomas also ordered the assassination of the Arkham family when they objected to his use of the Asylum and its land, and that made their youngest daughter Victoria Arkham vengeful.


Eventually, Martha found out about Thomas' criminal ties and threatened to reveal this to the public if he didn't stop and close all ties with Falcone and Hill. Thomas would have agreed, but word of this got out to Hill. As they and Bruce returned from an annual showing of The Mark of Zorro, Joe Chill, who had been ordered and paid by Hill to assassinate them, ambushed the family in Crime Alley. Thomas tried to protect his family from Chill, but he got shot twice in the torso. Stating that it was nothing personal, Chill shot Thomas again but in the left eye, killing him instantly. Chill then kills Martha by shooting her in the chest. To make this look like a mugging gone wrong, Chill stole Thomas' wallet and Martha's pearl necklace. Chill was about to kill Bruce, but he fled when there were nearby police sirens heard.


Following their deaths, Thomas and Martha were looked upon by Gotham as martyrs and many of Gotham's elite became inseparable to make sure none of them suffered a similar fate. This would also force Falcone to begin using his own resources to manage his criminal empire. Bruce even became Batman in order to make sure no more innocent people would die.

However, the public's unknowing of his dealings lead to the Arkham family's daughter Victoria, now adopting the name Vicki Vale, to become Lady Arkham, and reform and join the Children of Arkham, a political reform group-turned-fanatical terrorist cell. On the twentieth anniversary of their deaths, they leaked information about Thomas' dealings with Falcone and Hill by leaking information to the press, in which they were able to get with help from Hill himself. With this, the Wayne family's legacy was tarnished and Bruce was forced to suffer from these consequences, but would take the responsibilities that has been recently directed to him.

Bruce later decided to continue being Batman to make amends for his father's crimes.


  • This is not actually the first time Thomas Wayne has been depicted as a villain; the version of him in the Elseworlds Story, "Batman: Reign of Terror", set during the French Revolution also depicts Thomas Wayne as a villain, the difference being that there Thomas Wayne is still alive and thus an enemy of his son as Batman.
  • He is considered as the posthumous Bigger Bad of Batman: The Telltale Series as a whole, considering Lady Arkham's motives for her actions directly involved him in Season One, as well as Alfred revealing he has worked with him, and was now working with Bruce. Alfred also started to believe that Thomas' desire for control reflected within Bruce in Batman: The Enemy Within.


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