Thomas is the main protagonist of a Team Fortress 2 parody. He was created by An0nymooose, and the video was made in Source Filmmaker.

Thomas is also way known for being the main cartoon character in Thomas and Friends.


At the begging, Thomas appears to be normal, calm as the original Thomas the Tank Engine. Until he gets angry, he becomes this giant, huge robot, and his face becomes totally red from anger.


The video start's in an abandoned city. Inside a truck were Scout & Heavy and next to them was Thomas. The two were buzzing the steering wheel bell and we're dancing along to a song We like to Party by VengaBoys, while the whole time Thomas was next to them.

After some time, Scout and Heavy drove away, as Thomas' face became totally red. The song changed into Thomas theme song, as Thomas stand up, reviewing his giant robot body, running towards the two.

Once Thomas arrived behind them, he grabbed their truck, totally demolishing it and killing Scout and Heavy. In the end, Thomas throws the Truck into a building, making it on fire.

Thomas went in front of the Truck, trying to stop the burn, realizing how big of a mistake he made. After this video got released on YouTube, a ton of people started remixing the video, even creating their own versions.