Thornraxx is a villain from Hero Factory. A venomous insect from Hivilus 5 and that escaped during the Breakout.

He has joined force with the Legion of Darkness in the Doom Box Novel.


Joining the Legion

Thornraxx planning causing so many crimes when Hero Factory was rounding up villains. He met Splitface, Toxic Reapa, Jawblade, Voltix and Speeda Demon in Robot Repair Shop and forming a team led by Black Phantom to destroying Hero Factory.

Before the Breakout

During a mission, he attack a hovercraft with shipments of newly manufactured 24 industrial drones from Makuhero Industries plan. Paralyzing the pilot, driving the vehicle and brought it to a smooth landing on a behind a hill. After Black Phantom reprogramming all the robots and finally adding the self-aware bot the team, they attack the Hero Factory and soon retreating to Scout Ship. In the scout ship, he shouting instructions to Toxic Reapa. Becoming annoyed, Toxic Reapa threw him out the ship's hatch and suffering major damage when he landed. With the Legion's plans thwarted, he is retrieved and repaired by Hero Factory before shipping him to Asteroid J-54. Later, move to Villain Storage with the others.

During the Breakout

Freed by Voltix and Von Nebula's spirit , he and the villains escaped from Villain Storage. After his escaped, he goes back to his homeworld Also, recruiting natives of Hivilus as his allies.

Abilities and Traits

His species is irritable and temperamental, making them more aggressive and malicious than all other insects.

A skilled aerial fighter, fast-pacing wings, poisonous stinger powerful claws and shooting powerful venom from his mouth.


  • He is the third wasp-like creature in the series, the first is Jetbug and the second is Waspix.
  • His natural behavior is similar to Wasps that attack prey or fight off in intruders.
  • Member of the Legion of Darkness.
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