Yeah, it is. Thanks. You're still not invited to my party.
~ Thornton after still refusing to let Drake and Josh inside.

Thornton Locke is the main antagonist of the Drake & Josh episode Battle of Panthatar. He's a famous teenager who goes to Belleview High School, which Drake and Josh go to. He invites them to his Dude, I'm 16 (a parody of My Super Sweet 16) party which will air on MTV. He visits them at the Premiere and shows Josh the gifts he'll be giving to everyone.

But, when Drake kisses his girlfriend Maria he decided to change all of that. When Drake went to his house to apologize about the affair, it was mentioned by Drake that he let his housekeeper kick him out and he pushed him with a broom down brick stairs. So, Josh pressures Drake into giving his autographed "Abbey Road" album to him as an apology gift so they can finally be allowed in his birthday party. Although it was the best present he's ever gotten that night, he still refuses to let them inside. After he caught them dressed like the Red Sky Nauts from Galaxy Wars (a parody of the Stormtroopers from Star Wars), he asks the MTV crew, the actors, and the security guards to kick them out and recieve his album back.

It was mentioned by Josh that they lost them at B. F. Wang's (a parody of P. F. Chang's). 

He was portrayed by Jeff Braine.


He's a popular kid despite the way he treats people, including Drake and Josh, when they Drake had an affair with his girlfriend, even if they didn't know. If anyone dated his girlfriend, he would unfriend them and not forgive them no matter what they do since he did that to Drake and Josh when Drake dated with his girlfriend. 


  • Fans considered him a big jerk since he banned Drake and Josh from his 16th birthday bash because Drake was making out with his girlfriend Maria and he didn't know. 
  • It is implied he comes from a rich family, as he gets MTV and an expensive club for his birthday and has housekeeper at his house.
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