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Before you overreact, take notice of the fact that you couldn't make us leave if you wanted to. What I propose is this... we will live among you. The people of Earth will not even know we are here. You will not even know we are here. You will not interfere with any matter on Earth. We do not want our presence to be known. We will not attack you... but we will not help you. My people will blend in, live as Humans with Humans. We will intermingle... we will interbreed. This is the only way to ensure our survival of the Viltrumite people. We will restore our ranks over the course of thousands of years. Human DNA has been proven to make near perfect hybrids... the closest thing we have to pure-blooded Viltrumites. Our children and our children's children will join our ranks, their children will have children and our ranks will swell with the infusion of Human DNA. You will allow us the time to restore our numbers... to rebuild our Empire.
~ Thragg to Invincible and Omni-Man.

Grand Regent Thragg is the main antagonist of the Image comic book series Invincible. He serves as the most recurring villain and overarching archenemy of Invincible himself, as well as the most powerful villain he has ever fought.


Early life

Thragg was born on the planet Viltrum. He was trained in all manners of combat and bred to be the strongest Viltrumite. After their emperor, Argall was killed by Thaedus, Thragg fought in the Viltrumite civil war, meaning Thragg is thousands of years old. After the battle, The Viltrumites would emerge an unbeatable race led by him. Thragg would be granted the title of Grand Regent, tasked with finding the heir of Argall. He would keep Argall's skull as a reminder of what would happen were the Empire to fall into disarray. Afterward, he would cease all attempts to find the heir, feeling that he had earned his place among them.

Viltrumite Invasion

After Conquest failed to kill Invincible, he had to face Thragg. Conquest begged for forgiveness with Thragg threatening to kill him. Seeing Conquest as still useful, Thragg sent Lucan, Conquest, and an unnamed Viltrumite to kill Invincible and anyone who's aiding him.

It's revealed that Thragg has an inside spy in the Coalition of Planets and has tasked him to take down the planetary barrier on Talescria. Afterward, he would speak to the skull of the former Emperor of Viltrum, Argall. He states that Argall will be avenged after Thaedus is dead. He retreats from Talescria after Mark and Oliver destroy his warship. He rushes into battle, hoping to fight back, but decides against it. He and the other Viltrumites retreat to Viltrum. When the Coalition arrives, he leads the Viltrumite charge. In the beginning, Thragg attacks Space Racer, and Mark rushes to attack him.

Mark lands on blow on Thragg but does not affect him. He smacks Mark away for Oliver to attempt to attack him. He catches Oliver's punch and dismembers his arm while breaking his jaw, nearly killing Oliver in the process. Invincible, enraged, attacks Thragg with Thragg only getting a nosebleed. Thragg mocks him stating that he is in over his head, and Conquest fears him. Mark reveals that he killed Conquest previously and now he will kill Thragg which shocks the other Viltrumites. After Thaedus, Mark, and Nolan destroy Viltrum, Thragg becomes enraged and cries. Thragg angrily states that Thaedus destroyed the Viltrumite's heritage, history, and the planet itself. Thaedus offers him a chance to surrender, but Thragg refuses. He rushes towards Thaedus and decapitates him and declares that Lord Argall is now avenged. Thragg declares that anyone who opposes the Viltrum Empire will die. He rushes towards Mark and punches him.

Invincible attempts to hurt Thragg but to no avail. He punches Invincible's temples until he is saved by Nolan Grayson. Thragg reveals to Nolan that Thaedus had killed Lord Argall with Nolan revealing that the Viltrumites deserve extinction for their crimes. Thragg headbutts Nolan but is interrupted by Battle Beast. He throws Battle Beast to the side and grabs Mark and Nolan, attempting to smash their heads together. Nolan intervenes, hoping to allow his son to escape. He kicks Nolan and catches up to Mark, smashing his face in the process. Nolan catches up, and Thragg impales him. Thragg decides to spare the duo much to Kregg's confusion. Thragg states that the Viltrum Empire will need all Viltrumites. Kregg refuses to spare them, but Thragg stops him. Thragg and Viltrumites retreat to their warship.

Thragg reveals himself to Mark and Nolan on Earth, stating that Viltrumites are here. Mark attempts to fight Thragg, but Thragg suggests they talk. Thragg decides to surrender, but on one condition, the Viltrumites take over Earth. Mark loses his temper, but Thragg goes into detail about the takeover. Thragg states the Viltrumites will hide among humans and interbreed with them, replenishing their ranks. Thragg then says that the Viltrumite will not interfere with human events and the closest to pure-blooded Viltrumites are Viltrumite/Human hybrids. Mark refuses at first but reluctantly accepts. Thragg thanks the duo for ensuring Viltrumite survival and leaves, ending the Viltrumite War.


Thragg flies up to space after Allen and Oliver battle Mark. He tells the duo that he knows about Allen's plan to dispense the Scourge Virus into Earth and asks why he shouldn't kill them. Allen reveals that he will use the Scourge Virus on him, and Thragg states that he can kill him before the virus has an effect. Thragg offers a truce to Allen and explains that the fighting is pointless because if he kills Allen, they'll be back in the same place again. Allen hesitantly accepts with Oliver angry at Thragg. Their meeting is interrupted by the Guardians of the Globe and Robot's attempts to capture Mark. Monster Girl attacks Thragg but with no effect. Thragg knocks her away, nearly killing her. While the chaos, Oliver can grab the virus dispenser. They stop battling with Bulletproof, wondering who Thragg is. It is revealed that Mark has been infected with the Scourge Virus and Thragg takes him into Viltrumite quarantine. Thragg reveals to Cecil Stedman his agreement with Mark and that they have no choice in the matter. Thragg appears to the Guardians of the Globe and Dinosaurus. After Dinosaurus convinces Thragg that Dinosaurus's genius is useful and he demands that The Guardians leave. Thragg goes into one of the observation rooms, and scientists tell Thragg that Mark is the grandson of Lord Argall. He kills the scientist and leaves to his quarters.

He is interrupted by Dinosaurus hacking and gaining access to his quarters. Thragg leaves to see Mark and attempts to kill Mark, not wanting to give away his title of Grand Regent. Dinosaurus unleashes a surprise attack on him, only breaks his claws in the process, and Thragg is unharmed. Dinosaurus reveals that he sent explosions around the ship to correspond to his low heartbeat. Thragg pummels him and throws him aside after hearing an explosion. Dinosaurus attempts to bite Thragg, shattering his teeth in the process. Thragg breaks Dinosaurus' jaw and flies to fix the explosion. He heads back and sees Atom Eve asking where Mark is. Eve attempts to battle Thragg, but Thragg laughs and directs her to Dinosaurus. After the invasion of London by the Flaxans, Thragg reprimands Kregg for interfering with the events. Kregg states that he is sorry, but someone there carries his child. Kregg then reveals that he loves all dozen of his mates, much to Thragg's disgust. Thragg calls a meeting of the Viltrum Empire and enforces that they are not to interfere with Mark and Dinosaurus's events or they will be killed by him. Thragg would reprimand Lucan, Kregg, and Anissa for not obeying his orders. After being disgusted with Lucan and Kregg's affection towards humans, he demands that they leave. Thragg arrives goes to the other side of the moon, and sees Nolan with his wife. Thragg becomes enraged seeing him and rushes to attack him. While their battle continues, Thragg reveals to Nolan that he is Argall's son. Nolan refuses to fight him and Thragg severely injures him until he is interrupted by Kregg, Anissa, Lucan, and Thula. After finding out that Nolan is Argall's son, they turn on Thragg and attempt to kill him until Nolan asks them to spare him. Thragg is then imprisoned and argues with Nolan. Thragg demands that Nolan kill him if he fears him. Nolan refuses and says that he will change the Viltrumites' brutal ways instead. Nolan would sentence Thragg to exile, much to Thragg's surprise.


After Thragg was sentenced to exile, he would occupy planet Thraxa due to his extremely long lifespan. He would also impregnate several Thraxan women to create Thraxan/Viltrumite hybrids. Knowing the Coalition will probably send someone to kill him, he is shocked that Battle Beast is tasked with the job. Thragg goes on to say that Battle Beast would be a great ally if he wasn't on the other side.

Their conversation is uninterrupted by the Ragnars being released. Battle Beast assists Thragg in killing them due to him not wanting an advantage. Thragg gets disemboweled by one of them and their battle is interrupted by Thraxans assisting Thragg. Battle Beast disembowels himself to make their battle even, with Thragg mocking him. The duo charges at each other with Thragg having the initial advantage until Battle Beast bites him, causing Thragg's left eye to be severally damaged. The battle rages on for days with no clear sign of who is the victor.

Thragg successfully kills Battle Beast. Before he dies, Battle Beast thanks Thragg and Thragg crushes his heart. He succumbs to his injuries and loses consciousness. He is then transported by Thraxans off the planet. He would take many Thraxan warriors and women with him. He then has his left eye and gashed-open head patched up. Thragg would then have Battle Beast's hide torn off and wear it as a cape with a golden Viltrum Empire symbol over it. When one of the women asks how he is doing, he says that his health is improving. On the run, Thragg, the Thraxans, and his many children roam the cosmos so that they can avoid Coalition detection. Space Racer detects him and Thragg kills several Coalition soldiers. While Space Racer runs, Thragg attempts to kill him.

While Mark was in his coma for five years, Thragg was rebuilding the ranks of the Viltrum Empire, and all of his children have reached adolescence. He makes a move on Talescria by having his daughter, Ursaal attack one of their major buildings. Later, he breaks up a skirmish between his son Onann and Ursaal. Oliver, acting as a double agent for Thragg, asks to meet him in person. Thragg, in the meantime, kills some Rognarrs in front of his other children and then orders Onann and Ursaal to kill Mark Grayson.

The End of All Things

Thragg calls Oliver again to inform him that he has located Mark and that he will kill him and his family, despite Oliver's wishes. Thragg arrives and grabs Terra. As she struggles against Thragg, Oliver intervenes, allowing her to escape. After a short battle, Thragg impales Oliver and kills him in front of Terra. Mark holds Onann hostage asking that Thragg let him go. Mark kills Onann and begins attacking Thragg. Thragg gains the other hand and rips Mark in half while Ursaal seemingly kills Eve. He leaves Terra to die.

Ursaal is shown crying over what happened to Ornaan with Thragg, he tells her that both she and Ornaan were very special to him as he reluctantly tries to comfort her, telling her that they will avenge her brother.

He continues his conquest with his army, taking over more planets and causing more deaths as he prepares an all-out attack on the resistance he sends his children to fight Mark when they try to fight him they end up getting splattered as he is too strong for them, he begs them to stop as they are killing themselves, Ursaal confronts him over this, but he grabs her by the throat telling her that no sacrifice is too great for their mission claiming that said fallen soldiers were weak and deserved to die.

During the final battle, Nolan and Thragg face off exchanging blow after blow. During the fight, Nolan tries to fight off Thragg the best he can, but Thragg is shown to be too much for him as he breaks Nolan’s hand by head butting it, Mark tries to step in and stop Thragg from hurting Nolan further but Thragg responds by grabbing him and throwing him away saying he’ll save him for after he killed Nolan, When he returns Nolan headbutts him in defiance but to no effect, Thragg reads his killing move but Nolan makes a quick move to keep Thragg hand from hitting his heart, Thragg immediately swipes through Nolan’s body tearing his heart out and leaving him for dead.

Mark, furious with what he just witnessed charges at Thragg, Thragg throws him away while calling in his children for assistance, he starts using them as projectiles by throwing them at Mark, but this causes them to splatter on him since he is too strong for them. Mark disgusted by this, grabs him and pulls them both into the sun initiating the final fight between them. Meanwhile Ursaal, having seen what Thragg did to his siblings, finally understand that her father doesn't fight for them and for the empire but for himself, so she convinces her remained siblings to surrender, ending the war.

As they fight with the sun burning their bodies, Invincible questions Thragg on his motivation. Thragg says it is all about revenge for what Invincible’s bloodline did to stop him from claiming the empire he "deserved" to rule.

When Thragg tries to make an escape Mark pulls them both into the core of the sun burning all of their flesh off. After that, Mark, despite knowing that he can't hear his thoughts anymore, starts to describe in perfect detail how much Thragg sucks as both a leader and a Viltrumite for clinging to the old practices that brought their race to the brink of extinction, fighting for selfish and empty causes, and holding their species back from achieving their true potential.

Mark then gains the upper hand when one of Robot's armors arrives and attaches itself to him mid-speech, granting him a few extra moments of protection from the searing heat whilst, Thragg continues to burn. With their fight getting more intense with more and more explosions from the sun, the lava ends up melting the Robot armor Invincible is wearing. They end up fighting inches away from the sun as their bodies become even more unrecognizable. In the final moments of the fight, Thragg, having sustained far more damage than his opponent, breaks both of Mark's arms in a fit of rage and desperation. But Mark thinks quickly and then finally kills Thragg by ripping his throat out with his teeth. After that, Mark is fully prepared to die as well, only for Allen to show up and carry him to safety, leaving Thragg's corpse behind to be consumed by the sun.

With Thragg now dead, the Viltrumites (including Thragg's children) can finally move forward as a people and become a force for good in the universe under the leadership of Mark's family.


Thragg appears to be an exceptionally large and muscular caucasian male. His upper torso is almost distorted by its thickness and girth. His broad shoulders and long arms are covered with multiple layers of muscle, and he stands at least a full head above the average Viltrumite male.

He has dark close cropped jet black hair and a thick black moustache. His normal garb is almost identical to that of the average Viltrumite soldier. It is a form fitting body stocking, with a circular symbol broken up by 3 vertical lines in the centre of the chest. His lower body is completely covered by a simple grey skirt, and he wears sturdy grey boots.

The main difference in his garb is that while the average Viltrumite soldier’s uniform is made up of grey and white colours, the white portions of Thragg’s have been replaced with a bright crimson.

When not expecting battle, Thragg also drapes a thick fur lined cloak of unknown origin over his shoulders. The cloak itself is a red colour and hangs all the way down to his ankles in a cape like fashion.


In most ways, Thragg is a typical Viltrumite male and thus shares nearly all of the cultural traits that they would possess. He values strength in battle and appoints his subordinates into their various roles according to it. He can be arrogant and cruel, and with his explosive temper and capacity for violence, woe be it upon the individual who earns his vengeance.

However, Thragg has also demonstrated a level of cunning, eloquence, and control that can only be found in the most experienced of leaders. Despite his instincts prompting him to kill, Thragg seems to have evolved past the IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder) that his fellow Viltrumites all suffer from to one degree or another.

He often exercises restraint and control, thinking through the options and alternatives. This single fact makes Thragg scarier than his Viltrumite brethren. For the most part, Thragg murders his opponents for a purpose and without passion. He does not need accolades and does not display any form of self-interest or pride, outside of that for his race.

Thragg’s force of personality is not born out of charisma, even though he is a convincing speaker. His power of persuasion is fuelled by the sheer dint of his unmistakable and obvious physical power. Even when simply standing still or hovering he emanates an aura of danger and barely restrained violence.

Despite being an insane and genocidal warmonger, he loved Viltrum and his people and believed the only way for them to survive was under his rule, up until he was rejected by Viltrumites, who decided to follow in Nolan's footsteps and live in peaceful coexistence with humans; at this point, he doesn't care about anything other than revenge, even if it means killing off the remainder of the pure-blooded Viltrumite populace because of his bruised ego. While he seemingly loved his twin children, Onaan and Ursaal (he was outraged and nearly killed Mark when he killed Onaan and threw his corpse at him, and he hugged Ursaal when she mourned his death) it wasn't unconditional love, as he just barely finds it in himself to restrain his anger and return Ursaal's hug, and his later claim that all weak Viltrumites deserve to die implies Onaan's death did not faze him at all. In the final fight he also used his own children as projectiles by throwing them at Mark but this causes them to splatter on him.

As Mark said at their final fight, Thragg values and respect only the strength that only the strong deserve to live to not have room for peace, compassion, and love; that's why he lost Viltrumites' favor and, afterward, that of his children. From here, it can be deduced that even his loyalty to Argall was twisted because, while Viltrumites followed Argall for his wisdom, Thragg only followed him for his strength.

Overall, Thragg is a complete psychopath who won't allow himself to have redeeming or sympathetic qualities and is the personification of pure and absolute tyranny, social darwinism, supremacy, and megalomania.

Powers and Abilities

Viltrumite Physiology: Thragg possesses all of the evolutionary advantages that are common to the Viltrumite race, but at a significantly higher level than those of an average Viltrumite:

  • Superhuman Strength: Thragg's strength is far greater than that of other Viltrumites, making him the strongest Viltrumite to ever exist, even more than Conquest.
  • Superhuman Speed: Thragg is capable to moving at super-sonic speed.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Thragg's muscles produce practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity, allowing him to fight and move for an extended period of time. He was able to fight Battle Beast for days before killing him and collapsing from exhaustion.
  • Superhuman Endurance: He managed to survive to being disemboweled and mauled by Battle Beast and at his final clash with Mark he was able to fight him also after get his skin severely burned.
  • Flight: Due a complex balancing system located in his inner ears, Thragg has the ability to fly.
  • Interstellar Travel: Thragg can survives in outer space without aid.
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity: Thragg can hold his breath for an extended period of time without breathing.
  • Invulnerability: Thragg's skin is able to withstand colossal amounts of force and or power. Only beings of similar strength like Battle Beast and Invincible can harm him and, potentially, kill him.
  • Enhanced Healing Factor: Thragg was able to heal from his injuries a few days after his match with Battle Beast.
  • Decelerated Aging: He has lived for thousands of years and is still in his physical prime.
  • Dominant Genetics: His Viltrumite's genes override Thraxan (and other) race's traits for physical appearance and powers.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Thragg was trained in all manners of combat, including hand to hand combat.
  • Leadership: As the Grand Regent he effectively ruled the Viltumites for thousands of years after Argall.
  • Intimidation: His mere looks frighten most beings, especially Viltumites.
  • Indomitable Will: No matter what, he does not back down nor surrender no matter the situation. Even despite being bull-rushed by his fellow Viltrumites or throw into the sun, he does not slow down at all.
  • Tactical Analysis: He's able to instantly strategize, and develop complex but successful plans of actions.
  • Charisma: He is very eloquent and incredibly persuasive by nature, he was able to convince Nolan and Mark to let the Viltrumites stay on Earth.





  • Thragg bears a striking resemblance to the late musician Freddie Mercury of the band Queen and to Han, an antagonist from the popular manga and anime series, Fist of the North Star. He also resembles Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union.
  • Historical dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Emperor Hirohito, Francisco Franco, and Alexander Lukashenko served as the main influences for his character.
  • He was created by Robert Kirkman.
  • He is based on General Zod from the DC comics.

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