Thragg is one of the main antagonists of the Image comic series Invincble. He serves as the most recurring villain and archenemy of Invincible himself and is the most powerful and most personal villain he ever fought.


Grand Regent Thragg was trained since birth to be one of the strongest, most skilled fighters, and leaders for the Viltrumite Empire. He took over as leader of his people in his late teens (Earth years) and focused his reign on finding a way for the Viltrumite Empire to move past the Scourge Virus and for his race to survive.

When Conquest escaped from Earth, Thragg was shocked to discover Mark Grayson had defeated him. He wanted to kill conquest for his failure but gave him one more chance. Due to a mole deep within the Coalition of Planets he receives news of their next steps in their war plans which opens the opportunity to attack Mark's ship on its way to Talescria. The attack proved to be successful in the initial stages, the starship used by the Coalition of Planets was destroyed but due to the determination of Mark he manages to kill Conquest before he killed Oliver. 

It is revealed that Thragg has an inside spy in the coalition planets and tasking him to take down the barriers.He later own fights in the war arc against Invinicble and his father Omin-Man which cost the Viltrumite's planet so they take refugge on earth.

Powers and Abilities

As is natural for his species Thragg has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability as well as the ability to fly. He is also trained in many forms of combat and is a skilled general.


  • Thragg is based on General Zod of DC comics.
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