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Thrakkorzog. Thrakkorzog with a 'k'. Boy, are you ever rude.
~ Thrakkorzog to the approaching Tick.
Now you just said that on purpose, how juvenile.
~ Thrakkorzog, after Tick called him 'Susan'.

Thrakkorzog is an antagonist from The Tick media. He is the ruler of Dimension 14B (the dimension's name is his apartment's address in the cartoon), and he wants to rule the world with cloned soldiers, and feed human brains to his talking tongue.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings. However, his talking tongue voice was provided by Pat Fraley.


Thrakkorzog is the evil ruler of dimension 14B. He comes to the Earth and tries to conquer it by creating an army of Tick clones. Fortunately for everyone, the only tissue sample from The Tick he can get is an used tissue, so the best clone he got was the Mucus Tick (although it proved a worthy adversary for Tick). The Tick was able to defeat the Mucus Tick in one of the most disgusting acts ever, by sucking it into his nose, and shooting it out into Thrakkorzog, knocking them both into a portal to Dimension 14B.

Thrakkorzog has a sidekick (sort of) in that his tongue has a small face and mouth on it (picture Alien) that pops out and talks about eating brains. His name is never given.

In the cartoon, Thrakkorzog is voiced by Jim Cummings impersonating James Mason, and his tongue is played by Pat Fraley.

He is the final boss in the video game, although he is purple rather than green.


  • Thorasmog
  • Whatchamazog
  • Thoraxinabog
  • Laxativelog
  • Laplanderzog
  • Threeyaksandadog
  • Sapsuckerfrog
  • Susan (All names called by Tick)


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