• I remember when you edited Electros page, asking what the heck is a herofan

    I know what is, Its a villain, like Buddy/Syndrome whom looks up to a hero so much, that he gets carried away, feels rejected, and maybe sometimes feels rejected.

    Its a revengful villain in a way.

    I feel like you got rid of special info from Electro

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    • Well, thanks, I'm grateful that you put so much effort in this, however I think you're mistaken. While I indeed did edit the Electro page a few times, it wasn't me who asked that, but B1bl1kal. I was the one who added the category Scapegoat and removed the category Complete Monster.

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    • Oh okay, Im so sorry, I feel so silly asking the wrong the person.

      Please forgive me.

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    • It's okay, no problemĀ :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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