• I'm planning on making a category that's based entirely around Superstitions, or common sayings. I have already made a few pages. They are:

    Black Cats (folklore)

    Salt (superstition)

    Aye-aye (folklore)

    Mirrors (folklore)

    Pavement Cracks (superstition)

    Umbrellas (superstition)

    Ladders (superstition)

    13 (number)

    Do you know of any other superstitions that can fill this category up. I already have B1bl1kal helping me, and I'd like some more help on the category.

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    • I don't know any other any other superstitions but I think do that this category should be created.

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    • Okay then. Thank you. Also, I think there's curses or jinxes, or the evil eye. They're also examples of superstitions.

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    • A FANDOM user
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