• About the whole anti-villain thing with Lucifer, true that Lucifer's actions were indeed his own fault and he wasn't remotely as tragic a villain as he saw himself as, as pointed out by Death and Gabriel, but wouldn't he still count as an anti-villain, because of how Lucifer kept telling himself and others that he was fighting to save the Earth from humanity before Gabriel exposed the truth about why Lucifer really wanted humanity destroyed?

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    • No, to be Anti-villain, you've got to be a villain motivated by a genuine cause, and have genuinally non villainous traits. Lucifer wasn't trying to save the world, he claimed to be and perhaps he convinced himself he had, but his true motivation was he was simply trying to destroy mankind cause his father liked them better than they liked him. He brought all his problems on himself cause he was arrogant and envious and he beytrayed his family out of a petty matter.

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