• Do you know any villains that share some similarities with King Stefan in terms of background and personality. I mean both are male, once befriend with female protagonist that not truly human, but later betray her and then vows to kill her.

    If there are some, just reply with list of their names if any.

    Note: This message is optional to answe.

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    • In fact I think all those similarities in trivia are senseless and redundant.

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    • That's okay, FirstDrellSpectre. I already know that. But i'm just curious cuz i already predict that when maleficent movie released, King Stefan was main antagonist due to maleficent herself was changed into anti villain.

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    • Tighten from Megamind. Is the first example that comes to mind. I can probably think of more villains like that though.

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    • It may be slighty vague, God of Evil100. Actually, what i mean is do you know any villains that share similarities with King Stefan in these terms:

      1. Both are male.

      2. Once befriend with a misunderstood protagonist in the past, but then betray them and cause the said protagonist became bitter and they became enemies.

      3. Both initially shows no sign to become a villain, but at time passes, they became quite villainous.

      4. Both highly sadistic, and also held a deep hatred for the protagonist that they betrayed after betray them.

      If you ask me, I have one albeit quite vague: Anime version of Halloween from MAR franchise. I mean:

      1. Halloween was initially not show any sign to become a villain/threat like King Stefan does.

      2. Both Halloween and King Stefan once befriend with with a misunderstanding protagonist (Alan for Halloween and Maleficent for King Stefan) though in Halloween case, Alan was not as misunderstand as Maleficent did as Alan simply lonely.

      3. Halloween later betray Alan like King Stefan did, though the circumstance of the betrayal was not same (King Stefan betray maleficent by steal her wings while Halloween, on the other hand, betray Alan by not seeing error of his destruction, murder those who once bullies him, steal his fire ARM, and mocks him as a hypocrite before left). Although not same, both case left the betrayed protagonist traumatized, albeit Maleficent's pain was far bitter than Alan had, as maleficent ended up to the dark side for a brief moment.

      4. Finally, both King Stefan and Halloween grown as sadistic individual, enjoys tormented protagonist that they betrayed in the past at the final battle.

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    • Sorry if my opinion about Halloween may be too vague or turned out not same for you, but that's what i can say. Both Maleficent and Alan traumatized by their betrayal, you know?

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    • Sounds like a pretty good comparsion.

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    • Yes, and if you found other villains whose can be compared with King Stefan like Halloween did, just tell me their names. Villains like him was my favorite for Destroyer of Innocence type.

      Personally, i also imagine a story about someone that similar with King Stefan but also as genocidal as Judge Claude Frollo as i wrote this message. Here's the story:

      A middle aged man that i just called Koba, once befriended with a girl(that i call Steffi) whom race was different from him and quite misunderstood as well (like in case of Maleficent or Aggie Prenderghast) due to being feared by her peers, whch are normal humans. Like King Stefan, Koba betrayed this girl, made her bitter.

      Unbeknowist to Steffi herself whom grown into grim and rude individual as result of that betrayal, Koba, whom had journey to smeone else, met various people whom race was same with Sheffi's. However, due to various mishaps and betrayals, Koba's worldview became increasingly cynical and nihilistic. He developed sheer hatred for that race, and sought to eradicate them. This was heard by Sheffi and her friends sooner, whom had no choice to stop him.

      What do you think?

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    • Well like I said before Tighten from Megamind seems to share some similarties with him. Tighten or his real name Hal use to be a normal man who was a college and friend to Roxanne one of the protagonists until Megamind gave him super powers and he used them to try to win her over but she rejected him and he turned evil and tried to kill her and Megamind.

      Your comparsions are better though.

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    • You got that right. The one in my story, whom the villain i named Koba actually just from my imagination, but he still a dangerous villain on his own right, and perhaps there are some villain that similar with him would appear in a fiction someday.

      Back to our discussion, Tighten was good example of whom i wanted to know as those who similar with Stefan in term of their nature.

      You were right about Tighten because Tighten was once once befriends with Roxxane like Stefan did with Maleficent. Tighten betray Roxxane for selfish reason like Stefan did, though both how he betray Roxxane was quite different with Stefan as in Stefan's case, Stefan initially did it reluctantly. He also tried to kill Roxxane as well like what Stefan did to Maleficent at their final battle.

      Halloween, on the other hand, albeit same, he is more sadistic than Stefan nor Tighten.

      Good job to find that one. If you find more known villains that similar with King Stefan aside Tighten that you found, just let me know. Aside Halloween, i also found other one who similar with Stefan: Prince Hans from Frozen or Wizard of Oz in Wicked. Let me know if you found others aside those three(Tighten, Wizard of Oz, Halloween, and Prince Hans).

      Note: This request is optional.

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