• Since Venage237, who is one of fthe big-time contributors & my good friends here, is a huge Devil May Cry more then I am, he got some new intriguin' ideas for the DMC series. During his time, he actually came up with 4 ideas for future Devil May Cry videogames, from the original series:

    1. The first one would be a prequel to Devil May Cry 3, which in chronological order would be the first in the series. Anyway, the games focuses on Dante and Vergil when they were young. We get to play as both Dante and Vergil, but it focuses on Vergil. After all, it's been implied that Vergil went power hungry when he failed to save his mother. The final boss would be a demon responsible for the death of Eva.

    2. The second game would that takes place in between Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May 2. According to the history of the DMC series, it goes Devil May Cry 3, Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 4, and finally Devil May Cry 2. Anyway, did anyone notice the change of Dante's personality? In 2, Dante was rather dark and serious minded, but in 4 Dante was fun-loving, wiser-cracking, and overall enjoyable, so what happen in between. So my idea was that Dante became incredibly cocky thinking that he's unstoppable, until his cockiness resulted in one of his friend getting kill by the main antagonist. And yes, I'm well aware that 2 was made before Devil May Cry 4, and they were still trying to figure out what Dante's personality is, but still I would like to know what happened to him.

    3. The third game would take place after Devil May Cry 2. At the end of Devil May Cry 2, Dante was trapped in Hell. So this could be him trying to escape, while at the same time deal with all of the enemies he's killed. And not to mention the return of Vergil.

    4. The fourth game would be Devil May Cry: Origins of Sparda. Am I the only one who wonders who Sparda is, or rather was? After all, we constantly hear stories about him defending the humans against the demons even though he's a demon. So I'd like to see what he was like, from his time serving Mundus to what happened to him in the end. I'd always assumed that Sparda was a bloodthirsty servant towards Mundus, who only cared for battled. However, after being betrayed by Mundus and Beowulf, Sparda finds himself severely injured and left for dead in the human world. He even wakes up, inside the house of a young woman Eva. As the game progressed he the two form a romantic relationship, and eventually end up having the twins Vergil and Dante.

    Anyway, what do you think of my ideas? If you like them, tell it to the people you know, and ask what they think.

    I too got small new ideas & here it comes. though I've never got into this kind of discussion involvin' ideas before until Black Soulstone, a fellow user & great contributor too. Don't forget to check out his The Sorcerer's Apprentice fan-fiction project. & boy, does he some ideas about the movie. Anyway, here are my ideas:

    1. The second game would provide some clues to how Arius got his powers & built his industrial empire Uroboros. Also to shed light on the so-called corporation "Mundus Vivendi Corp" (possible rival company to Uroboros?). & to learn about Lucia's origin & her being raised by Matier instead of either becomin' one of Arius' bio-engineered foot soldiers or being discarded being a defect.

    2. The third game would be a very good choice with Dante being temporarily trapped in Hell after his fight with Argosax & what happened to Lucia and her clan along with their island after his battle with her evil creator.

    3. The fourth game also explores more of Sparda's history including his alliance with the Vie de Marli Clan in their fight against Argosax, and his first visitation to the island town of Fortuna and became not only their feudal lord, but also the "founder" of his "religion" which became the Order of the Sword.

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