• Hey, I think there are just a few things to be done about the CM page. First of all there's an unfinished sentence that's been driving me nuts: "don't qualify as it causes unnecessary controversy no matter how ruthless or corrupt they were or are". What doesn't qualify? It didn't say. Also, I don't think it's Comedic villains who are hard to label as CMs, since that means having a dark sense of humor, and many have qualified to the point where it's not even rare, but I think what it means is Comedy villains are diffictult, because the Comedy category refers to villains who are funny in themselves like Disney's Captain Hook or Shooter McGavin. Also I think something should be added about them crossing a line. I think there should be something added that says: "Villains who have crossed the MEH only once don't usually qualify, though rare examples such as Tomoo or Grand Moff Tarkin do exist if the line they cross is heinous enough". I just think you should add that because I myself got confused about how many times they have to cross it to qualify, so just for a newcomer's sake I would add that. 

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