• Look, I didn't know about the code thing on your profile page (I honestly thought it was messy like other pages with null tags (< null >) & copypaste tags ( < /p >) or with spamming & trolling (trolling involves simply perverse pictures/memes & inappropriate insults/negative comments)). I was trying to be nice. I even put both categories "Users" & "Community" on your profile. I wasn't ruining it. I was trying to be nice. & I didn't know about the interwiki things. I had no idea. I thought those were some prank or spamming or something. Plus you didn't asked Magma Dragoon.

    I'm really, really sorry for all for that. I just had 2 boring & terrible weekends. My ignorant, ungrateful family wouldn't bother to spend some time with me or give me some space, even I work hard as a custodian (or a janitor if one wants to be a d**k about it) for 3 straight years. I'm sick & tired of being treated with less respect. I worked my @$$ off because this boy gotta have a clean livin', right? It's not a crime to keep your own place clean.

    I apologize, Humbert0t87. I didn't mean to make you mad. I won't take off these interwiki tags again.

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    • Everything is Ok, don't worry. Magma Dragoon fix the profile and I'll fix all the Interwikis I find.

      PD. You had not bothered to leave so many messages, just one was enough.

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    • Understood.

      I'll get rid of the messages with the word "resolved" on the reason why.

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    • A FANDOM user
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