• seriously.. don't start messing with Valeyard : Who lore has MANY canons.. it's a massive franchise, like Marvel or DC or Star Wars it has lots of varied canon : also by its very nature Who is a show that changes "canon" over and over and over..

    also please stop saying I fail at Who lore, I'm pretty darn sure if you watched the show you wouldn't be getting so upity over "canon" and "non canon" considering the show itself frequently changes canon (as I said above)

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    • if you insist on defending a fan-fiction character then don't be surprised if you are called out for failing at studying actual Who lore.. Valeyard can NO LONGER exist due to events in the show.. first of all, Doctor has a new regeneration cycle now.. so Valeyard can never exist.. secondly, the Dream Lord took Valeyard's place in canon, rendering Valeyard little more than fan-fic in comparison.

      so, yeah, you fail at Who lore.

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    • everything you said is wrong.. I don't care.. just leave the page alone as it is valid and by no means fan-fiction (BBC approved it, so they must "fail" at their own lore).

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    • you are a very dumb individual and clearly have a fetish for Valeyard or something so kindly fuck off, BBC did not approve it and arguing with you is boring me.. you really must be Scottish, only they can be this stupid.

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    • Congrats, Gear. You've earned yourself a report and eventual ban.

      If you want to be a contributer to this wiki, don't be a dick about it.

      Have a nice day.

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    • A FANDOM user
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