• Do you think that Tom Hiddleston was great at playing Loki?

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    • Yes, Tom is a great loki.

      In Thor Ragnarok, which you think will be the role of Loki?

      -One of the two main antagonists (Along with Surtur)?, the secondary Antagonist?, the tertiary antagonist? or an anti-hero.?

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    • Yeah I think he's going to be something more like an anti-hero. But anyway do you think that Tom Hiddleston would be good as The Joker?

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    • I'm not sure. Joker and Loki are very different.

      Regarding Thor Ragnarok, I imagine that:

      -Surtur: Main Antagonist

      -Hela and Enchantress: Secondary Antagonists.

      -Fenris and the midgard serpent: Tertiary Antagonists

      -Skurge: Quaternary antagonist

      -Loki: Anti-heroic triagonist turned true main antagonist.(After of the defeat of Surtur)

      -Lorelei: Anti-hero and possibly, the love interest of Loki.

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