• so you added Extinctioner profiles on Heroes Wiki which explain in detail how absolutely disgusting Noah Man's regime is.. yet you try and say he's not a CM because he's "saving" humanity?

    First.. it is absolutely possible to be a CM and be "saving" people, if you do so in an INCREDIBLY HORRIFIC fashion.. Noah wants to enslave, torture and kill EVERY NON-HUMAN he comes across.. that's genocide on a level surpassing history's most cruel tyrants.

    Now maybe if Noahn cared for humanity he'd narrowly escape but here's the deal.. HE DOESN'T.. he basically makes the men that work for him into a Kill Squad and a great many of them are robots.. it's suggested Noah isn't even really getting backing from Earth as a whole..

    if that's true then Noah isn't even doing his "job", he's a war criminal.. even if he is trying to "save" humanity he's needlessly cruel and on a level far worse than most:

    for example he didn't just destroy a world, he forced the sole male survivor to WATCH the world explode, then shaved his mane (just to humiliate him).. furthermore it is common practice for hybrids captured by Noah to be forced into things like drinking the blood of their own species.. he's a horrible bastard and makes us root for the heroes, despite them not being human.. because they at least show more "humanity" than Noah.

    If Noah is the future of humanity.. we don't deserve to be saved.

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    • oh.. and Scarlet's profile on Heroes Wiki alone shows Noah is a CM, you *wrote* that article¬†: his reaction to First Contact, where families gathered to greet his ship with nothing but peaceful intentions was to destroy the entire station.. wiping out those whose only "crime" was to be "non human" (and this was not even off-screen, we actually see that infant in its mother's arms as Noah's ship vaporizes them.. that's a baby.. try and explain that as "saving" humanity)

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