• Charlotte is her name, not CeCe. It's ok for you to post the your information on your own wikia, but when it comes to others communities, you need to write valid information. 

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    • That's not "my own information" nor is it invalid.

      1. That page was created before 6x10.
      2. Ezra's name is Ezra Fitzgerald, and technically Melissa is Melissa Thomas. But we know them as Ezra Fitz and Melissa Hastings, and we know CeCe as CeCe Drake.
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    • You edited the page many times after the reveal. And "Fitz" is shot for Fitzgerald. 

      Also, Charlotte calls herself Charlotte. She reacts on that name. She is Charlotte. Would you also say that we should call Alison "Vivian Darkbloom" just because it's an alias she had?

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    • No, because we knew Vivian Darkbloom was an alias. That's all it was. Charlotte literally became CeCe Drake. But anyways, I think that for a wiki like this it should just say CeCe. This is only about Charlotte as a villain and we only knew villain Charlotte as CeCe. Make sense?

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    • An alias is an alias. Charlotte is Charlotte, CeCe was someone she made up. And yes, we knew her as CeCe a long time, but what do you do with new information? You update it.

      If you thought you're whole life that Barack Obama was white and someday you find out he isn't, should you still be telling people that he's white? No.

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