• Hey man, awesome job on the new pictures of Arius & Argosax, man! That was amazing! I loved them. :-)

    I gotta ask ya, where you'd find those pictures of Arius & Argosax? I seen those cool artworks before.

    While collectin' more pics, I'm also gonna be: A. On the lookout for the official logo(s) of Uroboros Corporation elsewhere on the internet. Or B. Try to respectively make the official logo of Uroboros Corporation.

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    • Thanks, I got them using the Print Screen button in combonation with microsoft paint, also the concept art I got from a art book.

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    • HollowIchigo58
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      17:46, November 12, 2015
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    • Cool. That makes alot of sense

      I'm afraid I gotta postpone for the search of the Uroboros company logo until tomorrow. I don't work on weekends. Weekends are my thing, especially Fridays.

      I'll see ya later, bro. Good hunting. :-)

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    • Okay, thanks and you too.

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    • A FANDOM user
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