• By parody villain I mean she was used in fan fictions. Also I'm sort of new to this wiki and don't know all of the enitial so can you please tell me what KOC means?

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    • Fan fiction portrayels of her character don't belong here, this wiki is for villains from their original work. and that's not how the 'Parody Villains' category works. Parody Villains are villains based off other characters or real-world figures with the intent of them being used for comedy.

      KOC stands for Knight of Cerebus. Which is a villain from a lighthearted series with comical or incomptent villains that goes against said rules and darkens the tone of the work. If the series is already dark or if the villain is Played for Laughs than they don't qualify.

      A good example of a Knight of Cerebus is Dick Hardley from "The Powerpuff Girls".

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    • Oh, ok I see thanks for the information. The reason I think she is a KOC is because of how silly and goofy Homestuck was even with villains like Doc Scratch, Vriska Seeket, and Caliborn who made it more funny. The Condesce and Lord English really set Homestuck dark. Is that how KOC works? You can tell me tomorrow if your tired now.

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    • Yeah, I have never watched Homestruck so I can't say if she counts or not but if she indeed darkened the tone of the work than yeah.

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