• Betty Boop is sixteen years old according to her creator, that means the men that lusted after her were not pedophiles.. they were simply "dirty old men" and that's a different type of perversion altogether..

    teens (especially at sixteen) are already experimenting with sex or have sexual desires, thus older males lusting after them are still perverted but nowhere near as twisted and wicked as guys that target children who biologically are far too young to even understand sex (which is true pedophilia).

    I'm not defending any lecherous behavior but you can't throw guys that lust after teenage girls with guys who molest babies.. it'd be like comparing a standard thug with a serial-killer, both are horrible people but one is many times more depraved than the other.

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    • That, and you're confusing pedophilia with ephebophilia, which is what the old man would fall under.

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    • also Ringmaster is closer than Old Man, as Ringmaster is a sexual predator by today's standards but even then as Robin stated - there's a difference.. both morally and psychologically.

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