• before removing any category give a reason, it is not difficult and a required part of contributing since simply removing categories without giving any reason is not helpful to anyone.

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    • I usually do give reasons but I felt the argument the user used to say he's a CM was pretty weak. Being a mind-raping alone isn't enough unless the mindrape is particularly brutal and directed at a lot of people.

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    • well it actually was the most brutal form of mindrape in Wolverine's career, he was forced to kill his entire family (X-Men) and broke to the point he wanted to die and completed lost all willingness to fight ever again.. so Mysterio's act was especially nasty.

      However the comic itself was very much "grimdark", which is why I thought you may of disqualified it.

      Reading the comic it is very much not "weak" mindrape, it's as brutal as it gets.. and very, very graphic so I can see arguments for CM but I can also see arguments against (the fact all villains in the comic were homicidal madmen being one)

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    • Sorry I never read the comic. What's the heinous standard of it like anyway?

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    • A FANDOM user
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