• Riley Heligo wants you to know that the MK pages here have been made the way they are, casually browsed to check for plagiarism in case anyone stole any of their stuff.

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    • So, we're just supposed to leave them incomplete forever or what? I would like to get back in and fix them and it's kind of annoying to me when I attempt to fix things, they just get wiped out again with no discussion or warning.

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    • Maybe if you picked a better method of "fixing" the pages, they wouldn't end up getting wiped. It being an annoyance is on you, just like the choice of whether or not you wanna break wikia policy.

      I'd spent several hours of my time discussing with B1bl1kal (and Magma Dragon to some extent) about the issues with the MK character articles, and with permission I was allowed to remove parts what had plagiarism, it was also decided upon myself and B1bl1kal to best remove the history sections as aspects of it did have plagiarism from the wiki the content originally came from.

      So, to answer your question simply and bluntly, yeah they'll be incomplete for as long as it takes. Most Wikias are founded on their articles being originally written, so if it annoys you that much then maybe your time would be better spent writing content instead of, intentionally or not, starting an edit war.

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