• I've been asked by a user to confront you on your use of this category on the King Louie page. No, Louie's not a misanthrope. He's arguably one of the least misanthropic characters in the 2016 film, because part of his motivation - aside from ambition - is a sort of fascination of humans and their ability to use fire. There's nothing indicating misanthropy in the slightest, so I'll have to ask you to stop tagging the page. 

    Thank you.

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    • if he truly cared about humans then why did he try and kill Mowgli? even before that he was planning on making Mowgli a slave and was going to hurt him if he didn't get fire.. this Louie didn't care about humans, he just wanted to enslave them.

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    • first the article is in need of improvement as it makes Louie out to be far worse than he actually was, there was little indication he was planning on enslaving Mowgli and if he wanted to kill the kid the film would of ended right there and then.. he was frustrated at not getting what he wanted, that's all.

      this version is the same as Louie from the original, to be honest, just with his darker aspects magnified.. even then it is impossible to make a King Louie character that is truly misanthropic, it goes against what Louie is..

      I'll not spoil things further but if you listen to what Louie himself says he's more than happy to share his power with Mowgli because as old Louie would say they are "cousins".. he lives in the ruins of humans, he collects human trinkets.. he wants to be a man.. plain and simple.. even if he grew a few feet and changed species to an extinct mega-ape he's still Louie.

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