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    16:23, June 4, 2016

    Quit abusing the CM category with the Buffy villains. None of them are heinous enough and pale in comparison to the actual CMs on the show. Keep it up and I'll be forced to block you.

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    • And quit removing others from it as well. This is getting old.

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    • all of them are heinous actually, the ones I marked were child-killers and abusers.. you seem to be the one with a problem..

      Kiddy League Coach - beats a child to near-death for losing a baseball game, that's evil and petty.. why is he exempt?

      Der Kinderstod - viciously attacks, kills and mind-rapes children.. Giles himself said the experience is terrifying.. helpless children being butchered isn't heinous?

      Hans-Gretta - tricks parents into killing their own children, for no reason other than it can.

      The Judge - seeks to kill anything that feels any emotion, even kills a vampire simply for "loving" knowledge.

      The Scourge - genocidal and Nazi extremists.

      I'd love to know why these monsters are considered "not heinous".. they are horrible, disgusting characters and clearly very evil.

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    • and the Thesulac Demon is an Angel villain but also plenty heinous enough, it kept an elderly woman prisoner to fed on her pain for decades.. delighted in driving people insane and found it all very amusing.

      I notice you re--addded Caleb and Billy.. how can they qualify as CMs when you disregard all the above?

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    • I see you just wanna argue with me and have no idea what it takes for a villain to be a CM. Just being a child killer/abuser isn't enough to qualify especially when you consider the level of heinous acts in the Buffyverse. I hope to see again when you've been unblocked. and don't ry to reach me on other wikis or I will go to Wikia Central. Also, in regards to the Scrourge, teams can never qualify. Now I wanted to be civil and give you a warning before I blocked you but you don't seem to wanna handle things that way.

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