• Hello Friend. How are you? <:) I write you with bad news; I have taken the difficult decision to deactivate my account <:( You see, the career is going to become a little more stressful than I thought and, besides, I have to study English. When you are a dreamer university you have to give up some pleasures; I, unfortunately, had to give up my favourite wikis.

    I thought to write you to say goodbye, not only of you, but in general of those with whom I have shared unforgettable moments in these wikis. I wish you the best :) I hope you continue to be just as constructive in wikis despite this loss. Good luck to everyone.

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    • Oh man. I am so sorry to hear that. Well, I understand. I wish you the best of luck. We have a blast being friends & wiki teammates. I'm certain we'll do our best. Sometimes we have to be steady and give up the thing we want most, even our dreams. Take care, old friend, & good luck to you too.¬†:-)

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