• Hello,

    Concerning your continual edits on the Darth Vader page:

    Citations on who referred to him by those names are really not needed. If you are to put them there, make sure they are correct. In the case of his aliases "Ani" and "Skyguy", more people refer to him by those aliases than the ones you list; for example, Anakin is referred to as "Ani" by Padme, Shmi, Jar Jar, Watto, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon. Therefore, there is no need to list those after that alias. Ashoka calls him "Skyguy", but so do the clone troopers and even Obi-Wan. "General skywalker" is a title, used by both the military and governmet.

    For a character's origin, always put the series/franchise of origin. For Vader, this is the Star Wars franchise.

    Thank you.

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