• About the aliases for the Malefactors - where was "hex" used in the games?

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    • one of convicts who tags along with Torque - only to be killed by Hermes

      should Torque chooses to tag him along, he apologizes to Torque and says - 

      "Sorry man. I thought you were one of those Hex."

      his name is Jimmy the Mad Bomber.

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    • ...oh, that guy.

      According to the subtitles, he said "Hacks." Jimmy believes that everyone's been drugged with hallucinogens and that all the deaths are due to the guards murdering everyone, hence why he calls the Malefactors "hacks" - ie prisoner slang for a guard.

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    • well, I thought he was saying Hex (voodoo-related slang), considering Malefactor's freakish appearances.

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