• Penny Peabody is a Cheater! She lied to Jughead about his father being assaulted in the prison showers and manipulated him into dealing drugs! When he found out his father was okay and confronted her about it, she showed him footage she had of him and Archie delivering the drugs, making him have to do dirty deeds for her under the threat of being sent to the police. The next episode, the bitch threatened to hurt Betty, a completely innocent woman, essentially causing Bughead to break up a second time. And her motivation? FP made her a promise she couldn't keep! OPEN YOUR GODDAMN EYES, SHE IS A CHEATER!!!

    Also, you previously removed the categories "Live Action Villains", "Star Wars Villains", and "Faux Affably Evil" from Supreme Leader Snoke's page, when in fact, all of them counted, giving other people the inconvenience of having to re-add the categories, you jackass!

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    • I'm sorry for being rude. I can just find you annoying and provocative sometimes. Doesn't excuse my behaviour though. I'm sorry.

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