• I have reason to believe that User:Geagalze is a sockpuppet of User:Grobda. Now, I don't make allegations like this lightly, but I believe there is enough evidence that it at least warrants looking into.

    First, if we look at when Geagalze joined, it was the day after you banned Grobda. Pretty suspicious, I'd say. He also joined Heroes Wiki on the exact same date, which is another wiki Grobda contributed to.

    Secondly, while Grobda has made some edits since his return, he's been editing much less than he was prior to his ban. Meanwhile, Geagalze has been a pretty prolific editor lately, and while Grobda does still edit, he only contributes when Geagalze isn't contributing. Grobda made exactly 3 edits on February 26, one was a post on User:B1bl1kal's wall, one other was a reply to that post and in between those two he made an edit to Ripcon's page, which was edited again soon after by Geagalze.

    Thirdly, take a look at both Geagalze and Grobda's message walls. You'll notice that the two have very similar typing patterns such as infrequent capitalization and spacing sentences. There are some other users on this wiki with these tics, but I haven't seen any others that are as precisely similar as Grobda's and Geagalze's.

    Another behavior Geagalze shares with Grobda is his frequent use and insertion of the "Hostile Species" template and his tendency to combine categories for the "Type of Villain" sections in infoboxes.

    I'll leave it to you to decide what to make of this information.

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    • You know Reddish, it's funny that about a month ago, you mentioned that Geagalze may be a sockpuppet of Bandainamco, because for a long time now, I've had strong (but not necessarily vocal) suspicions that Bandai was a sockpuppet of Grobda, due to the near exact reasons you have provided right now (as well as due to the edit wars I had been in with both accounts).

      Bandai showed up on the Wiki not even a full day after Grobda received a 3 month ban back in January 2017 (which is, surprise surprise, the same manner Geagalze turned up on the Wiki after Grobda got blocked, but I digress since I'm talking about Bandai & Grobda at the moment). Both accounts were never active at the same time as each other to the point in which Grobda would outright stop editing, while Bandai was being very active (and vice versa), they never interacted with each other and both had a very hostile tone whenever they got into arguments with other users.

      And on top of all of this, quite a few users came up and accused Geagalze of being Grobda not long after he joined (Shockwave, Darkclaw and Grizzhly, to name a few), and I can't necessarily blame them for doing so, since the evidence is pretty damning.

      So we have Grobda, who I think Bandainamco was an alt of. Jinboroff, who was considered to be a sockpuppet of Bandainamco. And now a handful of users have suspicions that Geagalze is Grobda.

      I think we may have a huge amount of deceit to look into.

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    • Looks like we were both right. Funny enough, I never made the connection that Bandai and Grobda were the same person until now.


      This is a literal statement from Geagalze that he's using the same computer as Grobda.

      Well gee, that sure is a coincidence, especially when added to everything said above.

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    • Apologies if I might sound snide or snarky here, but I'm just going to preemptively leave this here in case he starts thinking of excuses:

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    • Not to butt in on your conversation, but this whole thing is playing out like a Scooby Doo episode, only the identity reveal is just a bit more obvious than usual.

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    • There's no need to worry about butting in. This is a public message wall that any can comment on.

      Though since Chaos isn't responding, lets take our concerns to a more active admin.

      Also, lul to both those things.

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    • Yeah personally never bought the story of him sharing a computer but I am one of the first people to admit to being a bit paranoid especially online. Sorry, I've got next to no free time tonight (just got off work) but I should be able to be a bit more active tomorrow so feel free to contact another admin for a faster response tonight.

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    • Perfectly reasonable. Real life should always trump the Intrernet.

      I'll be alerting User:B1bl1kal to our concerns.

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    • We'll gonna to discuss this concerning Geagalze again tomorrow morning @ 10am. I wish this weren't true.

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    • & I also want to Grobda to come here by that time so he can speak for himself & tell the truth. & if he doesn't, he's blocked for good.

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    • Alright. I actually gave Geagalze the chance to come forward himself before alerting you but he refused and removed my post.

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    • He'll talk to us admins, especially me, whether he likes it or not.

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    • Also, I know I'm technically pointing out the obvious here, but keep in mind that (assuming that these accounts are indeed all used by the same person) each and every account he has made has been used to evade bans one way or another judging by the dates of each account creation in relation to each ban his accounts have.

      My point being: I can bet you that if you do the math, the total amount ban-time he has evaded is probably shockingly bad.

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    • So true.

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    • Hello ladies & gentlemen.

      Meeting is in session.

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    • I saw that apparently both in accounts in question mentioned they couldn't make it one apparently due to family emergency. While I personally feel they are the same user I would be willing to postpone it a day or two if necessary for at least Grobda out of sympathy. Having had family members in the hospital recently and one death I can see them not having time if that's the case. If either accounts admitted to it I'd be willing to probably give that account (or the one of their choosing) one last chance while blocking the other(s). Not half a dozen but a single last chance.

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    • It's true. Here's the statement Grobda have given me.

      Grobda wrote: I cannot.

      I have to take my father to hospital for his back surgery where he would be spending a couple nights, and I have to leave half an hour earlier. It takes close to 2 hours to get there, and once I get there I have to eat lunch, come back. I would be doing a lot of driving around and when I get back I would be wiped out.

      If I end up getting banned permanently for my action so be it. My father's health and well-being are much more important to me than dealing with all these witch-hunting paranoiac 'users' in this wiki. To tell you the truth I was beginning to get increasingly more disgusted (hence my inactiveness for the past couple months) with many of users and some admins. (not you. While I disagree with you on many things You are the sole admin who take your occupation seriously and I praise people who are dedicated) I am beginning to understand why former admin Queen Misery went out the way he/she did.

      I am sorry I did not tell you this sooner. But I was working on making an article regarding Devil May Cry which you and I agreed upon and I wanted to complete that as much as possible for what might be my final article.

      But it seems this article that we both agreed is very big and I am afraid I won't be able to complete it on time. That would be my only regret. So I have a request:

      do you know someone you can trust to take over my project and complete it if I do end up getting banned?

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    • If you want we can postpone it for a couple days or longer to give them a fair chance especially since that type of thing can be emotionally exhausting. He does have my sympathy on this type of event.

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    • He has my sympathy too. I say we postpone, everyone.

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    • hello, this is Geagalze. I arrived here earlier.

      at B1bl's subpoena, I came here and looked at the conversation.

      I am tired of these constant accusations.

      To: B1bl1kal.

      sir, you can find out whether I am Grobda or not by yourself. You as an admin have access to find out. You don't need to ask me. It's time for both of us to put these complaints at rest.

      do what you must. When there are about 7 people around to complain with same issue, I understand that you as an admin cannot simply ignore it.

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    • I'm gonna let the other admins handle this. I gotta rest my head.

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    • B1bl1kal wrote:
      I'm gonna let the other admins handle this. I gotta rest my head.

      sorry for putting you through all these.

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    • Not going to lie I'm conflicted a bit. I mean don't get me wrong I do suspect they are the same, where there is this much smoke there is likely fire, but lately the other account is rarely used and neither have given much trouble as of late. I will probably wait on the other account to deal with and probably won't block this one forever just a month or so but I need to think about what exact course of action.

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    • Forget the Scooby-Doo-type-mystery-thing, this is some neo noir crime thriller-type shit!

      Anyway, my view on this? They are strikingly similar. The only real difference I can find is Grobda's attitude. Geagalze is much more... nice. Grobda is most of the time very rude from what I've seen - "To tell you the truth I was beginning to get increasingly more disgusted (hence my inactiveness for the past couple months) with many of users and some admins. (not you. While I disagree with you on many things You are the sole admin who take your occupation seriously and I praise people who are dedicated) I am beginning to understand why former admin Queen Misery went out the way he/she did."

      Anyway, I think that, until the admins have made up their minds about the subject, us other users should ignorde it all and move on. This is starting to become harassment, I mean, what if Geagalze isn't Grobda, and we're just being douchebags who falsely accuse people?

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    • Both Grobda and Gealgaze were given chances to defend themselves. Both of them didn't, one came up with a sob story (which doesn't concern us and could very well be fabricated) and the other just pointed fingers, respectively.

      If there are evidences of them being sockpuppets, the people doing the accusations should post it so we can come up with a conclusion.

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    • I haven't had much experience with Geagalze but I'm not gonna knock off Grobda and Bandain being the same person considering each time I've spoken to Bandain I've gotten the same hostile reaction and almost every time I see Grodba making an edit he always leave an angry remark or just in general acts incredibly rude to whatever user he's in an edit war with.

      Comments such as this from Grobda show what I'm talking about

      pitiful. MAKE SOME EFFORT.

      Or this extract from a discussion I had with Bandain about the Omnidroids.

      looks like the one with stronger and more valid argument, is ME and not you. Did you read the discussion here? THE ADMIN JUST AGREED WITH ME. NOT YOU.

      Now granted I technically did accidentally get Bandain blocked however this was down to him ignoring me but I understand his anger in that situation that doesn't change that both extracts I have shown look very similar.

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    • With Bandain I'd need to look further before coming to a conclusion. I just decided what to do thanks to asking another admin for advice as well as Magma making a good point combined with all this evidence.

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    • Should probably put Grobda/Bandai's statements in italics or speech marks, because at first glance I got confused your post, Lool.

      But yeah, this is exactly what I meant when I mentioned the hostile behavior in my post at the top. Same "all-caps rage" and, frankly, bratty attitude. And going back to that whole Omnidroid catastrophe, notice right here how after in that big edit war after Bandai layed off and we came to some kind of civil conclusion with a box title, Grobda mysteriously shows up and removes it (I've seen both of them go after the same pages before at times).

      I'll probably dig up more stuff on Grobda and Bandai soon, as exhausting as it'll be.

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    • Another thing is that after Bandai got permanently blocked on here, he never bargained on for say heroes wiki by asking to get unblocked on here, like most other people would. Knowing Bandai, he should have done that. I'm pretty sure the reason he didn't is because Grobda is his secondary account, so he didn't need to give any arguments in order to be unblocked, since he was already free on his Grobda account.

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    • I was among those who accused Geagalze of being a Grobda sock-puppet about the moment he showed up here because timing and behavior were just too suspicious,but Inferno Pendragon told us to stay off him unless we have proof or demand some check-up by Wikia (don't remember the exact phrase). That's why I have not really been pursuing the character anymore but I still must say, there were a LOT of similarities in behavior between the two back then (starting with how Geagalze turned up almost instantly after Grobda received his block). That's all I can add to this conversation.

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    • Honestly, I don't know what I can really bring to this table. Yes, it's true I initially accused Geagalze of being an alt of Grobda, due to their striking similarities in terms of their edits, how they act and the fact that he joined a day after Grobda got blocked. But I just didn't bother persuing the thought and gave him the benefit of a doubt. 

      I will say this though, I was ready to convince myself that Geagalze and Grobda are likely two different people after seeing Grobda's block being expired and he continued ending, but now that you brought up about his less active edits, it does raise some questions. 

      Still though, I do think that Geagalze is probably just someone else entirely. I mean, from my experiences with him, he seems to be more reasonable and rationalize to talk with than with Grobda. 

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    • Reddish010 wrote:
      May I direct you to this:

      Well then...perhaps I may stand corrected. 

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    • The main thing that makes me question it is not only the similarities but also the fact he mentioned once on his first day I believe, the computer he used was previously used by Grobda not long before. One or two coincidences are easy to overlook but so many does raise red flags. Personally from my experience Geagalze does seem to be a bit more friendly but I have seen some people use alternate accounts who do act a bit more aggressive with at least one. If needed or the other admins desire they can either unblock both them or simply tell me to do so and I'll comply no problem.

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