• you're getting annoying with your blatant attempts to stir controversy over events that happened in 2015 - if you kept up with us you'd know we have changed our stance and many here are AGAINST "TV Tropes is Always Right" and have been for a while now, this is 2018.. I suggest you get with the new program and learn the wiki has changed its views and doesn't need you trying to bad-mouth a situation that we already cleared up.

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    • Odd that you say that, as I seem to recall that, when I tried to get listed as Pure Evil villains who were not considered so on TV Tropes, it ended rather badly. And, that was 2017. So it did not seem to me like things had changed all that much from my perspective. Tell me; can one safely add that category to characters not listed as such by TV Tropes without Austin, Beholder, or someone else removing it? Because if not, then I fail to see how things have changed in any significant way since 2015.

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