• those mentioned skills do exist.

    1. when that energy blast hits Torque while he is in his rage state, he regresses back to human. Also the energy attack inflicts same damage as fire.

    2. Stolen rage meters will be added to Blackmore so he can 'transform'. One of the thing you do not want it to happen.

    3. He teleports.

    4. He cannot be killed by guns. Only in rage mode Blackmore can be damaged.

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    • They exist only in Torque's mind, hence why it's being summarized.

      Also, "teleporting" and "invisible to anyone but Torque" are pointless because Blackmore doesn't exist in the real world. He's invisible because he's not there.

      If you still want to include this, write a power section and put it there: we do not need to overstuff the infobox by cramming it full of entries that could easily be summarized with a single line.

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    • when you said influence, I thought you were only referring to Blackmore speaking inside Torque's head.

      still, it wouldn't hurt to detail a few skills to specify what kind of influences.

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    • This isn't an election: we do not have to stuff the boxes. I can add "influence over Torque's mind and perception of reality", but we do not need to add anything else.

      If you want to include the details, you're more than welcome to include them under a "powers and abilities" heading in the main artcle... preferably once I've finished my work on the article (editing conflicts are not helping). 

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    • I am doing just that. Have a patience. You can write additional infos should you find my infos to be lacking.

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    • There. Finished.

      sorry about edit-conflict. That was not intentional.

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    • A FANDOM user
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