• Since you're completely ignoring what other users are saying to you in edit summaries, I'll say it here. No, neither Wario or Waluigi are Karma Houdinis. There are many instances in the Mario games where things outright don't go their way, and whenever Wario in particular plays the role of a villain, he always gets defeated. Even in the very first game Wario appears in, he is defeated by Mario within about one or two minutes of his screentime. So please, stop edit-warring over the category.

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    • Sorry that I did not reply and edit-warring over the category. But I just did it because I deeply think Wario and Waluigi are Karma Houdinis. So here's my 4 reasons why. 1. They weren't punished- They were not arrested or exiled or even had to work to redeem themselves. 2. They're coumpence proves nothing- While somethings don't work there way, still Dick Dastardly and Dr. Eggman always had things happen to them just like that too. And they also received worst. Dick once got arrested and Eggman was once trapped in a card and got stuck in limbo. And yet they are Karma Houdinis according to thier pages. Due to Wario and Waluigi receiving less harsh punishments for thier actions, should they count for that reason? 3. They are sometimes heroes- In some games like Mario Party for example, they are shown to be good heroes helping Mario and the gang defeat Bowser. (With the exception of Mario Party 3 where Waluigi is the main antagonist) And in the Wario Land series, he does save the world dispite having an villainous side and always has a happy ending. (With the exception of Wario: Master of Deguise and Wario Land Shake It!) And 4. There fates in the game where they are the main antagonists- Wario after the events of Super Mario Land 2, he does not give up and decides to get a castle himself that's bigger than his rival Mario's. So he isn't fully defeated. And in WarioWare Gold, he ends up having one of the shares of the coins he was about to steal. As for Waluigi, in Mario Party 3, he ends up vowing for revenge after losing the mischief star before running away. And in Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix, Mario beats him in a dance-off and gets the first Music Key and was not seen again in the game. And that's why I think Wario and Waluigi should count as Karma Houdinis. I hope you understand and again sorry for edit-warring.

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