• Welcome back. I saw your concern with Magma, I am sure he will get back to you in a bit. But I wanted to offer you some catch up until then about the things that have changed recently. Most recently we are limiting alignments to one alignment per villain Chaotic Evil, Lawful Evil, etc, unless multiple personalities is involved. Additionally we no longer do powers as categories, Evil items have their own wiki unless they are possessed of an intelligence and act as their own characters. We use a newer interface now, a specialty Villains wiki box, and we list crimes on those boxes - that keeps things formal so no one ends up getting a page because memes / they act like a jerk, so on. The crimes are crimes that they would face if the law could touch them so for example a king which orders mass murder isn't doing anything illegal in his country but by most other modern countries it would still be accessory to murder, that sort of thing. Oh and do not throw around the term "Pure Evil" lightly, basically if anyone tries to raise doubt over Pure Evil, they aren't pure enough to be pure evil and go see a admin if you think it does apply.

    Magma will likely give you a better idea, but them's some of the high-lights.

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    • Thank you so much, Mesektet. This will help a lot with editing. I'll await what Magma has to say too. 

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